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If you are dependent on prospects for new sales in your organization, you should be on the roster of at least one networking club that meets weekly.
The phenomenon of networking for referrals and leads has been proven over and over again for many decades.

Business Spotlights

Networking is defined by Webster's New World Dictionary as "the developing of contacts or exchanging of information with others in an informal network as to further a career"
Each week a different Chamber member is featured as the Business Spotlight at the Networking Breakfast. This gives the member an opportunity to give a detailed description of his or her business. This can include examples of daily activities, types of prospects sought and how their product or service renders benefits to the public.

Cost? Membership in the Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce Network Breakfast Club is FREE! Breakfast items may be purchased at Station Grill


  • If you want prospects for your business, you should join a formal, networking group. Attend meetings without fail, and offer as many referrals to other members as you possibly can.
  • Polish your "personal introduction" until you give it so easily that is seems as if it spontaneously given. The reason for making a personal introduction each week is that your information becomes embedded into the memory of each member, who will forever afterwards recall your name and what you do when talking to others.
  • Make sure each member learns to know you, like you and trust you. One of the ways you can do this is to be active in the week-to-week conduct of the group. You can serve as a greeter, and meet each attendee each week. You can serve on a committee and render a real and high-visible service. This helps you get known, liked and trusted.
  • Pass referrals diligently. Keep your eyes and ears open all day long as you interact with those with whom you are in contact. Practice looking for referrals to pass to fellow members.
  • Recruit new members, and help others to do likewise. Keeping the membership full assists in maintaining a flow of great referrals. You can mentor new members on how to assimilate into the routine of attending meetings and passing referrals.