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August 26 - 27, 2006

Vender Booth Application

Stone Soup Music Faire
Entertainment Schedule

2006 Entertainment Lineup
(Partial List)

BigRock Balalaikas

BigRock Balalaikas is a Russian Folk and Gypsy-style music ensemble that was formed in the spring of 2001 in Morro “BigRock” Bay, CA. Judy Sherman, founder of the group, is a 30-year veteran of several professional Russian music ensembles in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York. She plays the balalaika, the triangularly shaped Russian 3-stringed instrument for which the group is named, and sings Russian gypsy-style songs.

When Judy moved back to California,after 20 years in Philadelphia, she began playing solo at the local Morro Bay coffee house Two Dogs’, and other venues. The unusual instruments and the sound of this lively music captivated listeners,and BigRock Balalaikas was born! Christine Granados plays the prima domra,a round-backed Russian stringed instrument, and has also become a loshki (Russian wooden-spoons) virtuoso! Andy King, with his long list of professional music experiences,including the Aman Folk Ensemble, plays the contrabass balalaika, which must be seen to be believed. Walt Langford, who never thought he would stray from American folk music until he heard Gori,Gori!, plays the guitar. Carl Moody makes sure our Russian pronunciation is correct, plays the balalaika and sings. Stephanie Moss also performed with the Aman Folk Ensemble, and now plays alto domra. Evelyn Spencer has played accordion forever and manages to fit BigRock Balalaikas in between the County Band and the German Band. Monty Ellman brings years of musical experience to the group when he plays contrabass and guitar, and Chuck Aronson adds a swing flavor with his fiddle.

BigRock Balalaikas plays all the Russian favorites, from Dark Eyes to Kalinka, and also surprises audiences with the fascinating repertoires of the Russian gypsy immigrant community, now thriving in Paris and other European cities. This music has everyone dancing, clapping and shouting for more!!

The Merrie Mary Show

Mary Evanoff is the star of The Merrie Mary Show – a truly unique variety act. Mary is a skilled juggler, acrobat, mime, magician, comedienne and all-around entertainer. But what sets Mary apart from all the others is her pole-walking. The highlight of the Merrie Mary Show is when Mary performs on The Evanoff Pole, which she invented and designed. The pole is held by two volunteers from the audience while Mary balances on it. In this precarious position she performs a variety of feats, including juggling flaming torches.

While similar to rope-walking, balancing on the pole is no easy task, especially because it is held by two unskilled members of the audience. No one but Mary attempts this on a regular basis, and no one has mastered the art as she has.

Mary is a regular, featured performer at San Francisco’s famed Pier 39, and she has appeared at hundreds of events around the world including Japan, Australia, Europe and Canada. She is one of the few, female variety acts in the country.

Kirk Henning

As a storyteller, Kirk Henning has shared the world of stories with audiences at schools, libraries, bookstores, campouts, guest ranches, and festivals throughout California for the past eleven years. With his lively style, Kirk’s collection of personal stories, folktales, and songs catalyze the imaginations of young and old alike, and characters such as Jack, Brer Rabbit, Petit Jean, and the Phantom Duck rise up and enter the landscape of our minds.

Kirk began his storytelling career by telling stories to preschoolers during “Story Hour” at a local bookstore. Word got around about Kirk’s storytelling skills, and now Kirk is requested to perform at a great variety of events and functions.

Along with his many storytelling performances, Kirk is also the producer of “Stories ‘Round The Fire”, a popular summer storytelling series at Cayucos Beach, now in its eleventh season. Approximately 100 to 150 people of all ages attend each summer performance, all of which include a campfire on the beach, stories and songs by Kirk and guest storytellers, and an old-fashioned marshmallow roast at the end of each performance. With ten Saturday night performances presented throughout the summer for the past ten years, Kirk has entertained thousands who never seem to get enough of a good story that is well told. Along with his wife Patty, Kirk also co-produced the “Pacific Storytelling Festival” at Montaña de Oro State Park in Los Osos, California from 1995 to 2000. The festival included performances by nationally renowned storytellers in a beautiful coastal setting. Kirk has conducted storytelling workshops for elementary and middle school age children throughout the central coast of California, and has taught storytelling classes for adults and teachers at Cal Poly State University at San Luis Obispo.

Kirk also works as an environmental scientist in San Luis Obispo, California. Originally from Thousand Oaks, California, Kirk now makes his home, along with Patty and their two daughters, in Cayucos, California.

Satori Daiko

Get ready for a big sound and visual explosion with the very first taiko concert presented at FMC. Satori Daiko, the performing ensemble for the Taiko Center of Los Angeles, led by Tom Kurai, will perform a lively mixture of traditional and contemporary taiko music - a fusion of Japanese rhythms and other styles such as jazz, African and Latin percussion music. Tom has been performing and teaching Japanese taiko drumming for 30 years. Taiko is the dynamic art form of Japanese folk drumming. It is rooted in ancient Japan where the drum was used as a means of communication and to establish borders of villages. It was used in religious ceremonies, folk dances to celebrate bountiful harvests and used to lift up the spirits of warring samurai clans. Satori Daiko has performed at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Royce Hall, Japan America Theatre, many university campuses, festivals and cultural events.

House of Prayer

Uplifting. Enlivening. Inspiring. These are just a few words used to describe the soul stirring sounds of the House of Prayer Church Choir.

Founded in 1979 by its current director Kevin Gridiron, the singers and band members perform contemporary gospel music throughout the Central Coast They have the honor of performing with such artists as Mavis Staples, Edwin Hawkins, Crystal Lewis, and Bryan Duncan.

Hand clapping rhythms, rich harmonies, and heartfelt praise combined with a powerful spiritual message continue to touch people of all races, creeds, and nationalities.

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