10 Low-key Villains From The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is full of villains and heroes but there are a few characters that fall somewhere in between. They can be heroes for some, villains for others. But most of the time, their status remains undefined. It’s hard to label them as one or the other. It’s all about perspective.

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That said, some of these characters have done things or acted in certain ways that make it clear that they’re quiet villains, all things considered. Like the last season of The Walking Dead draws to a close, there’s no better time to look back and reflect on 11 seasons of intriguing characters.


Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes

The question is always posed to fans that if The Walking Dead The story started with another group as the first group followed, then Rick and his friends came into the picture, would fans still believe that Rick was the hero or would he be seen as the villain? Looking through another lens, Rick could be considered a villain.

He killed several men in cold blood, including Gareth in a church. He ripped a man’s face open with his teeth as if it were a chicken breast and snuck into the Savior’s compound, killing helpless people in their sleep. There’s no denying that, in an understated way, Rick was a villain to some as much as he was a hero to others.

Maggie Rhee

Maggie at Hilltop in The Walking Dead season 11

Maggie is someone the group can trust and someone who would do whatever it takes to protect her friends and family. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done horrible things. From her telling the story of the mutilated women she encountered in an attic to her cold-blooded murder of Gregory and the Reaper members, she sometimes reacted purely out of emotion.

Maggie’s revenge is so obvious that even Negan felt he couldn’t stay because he thought it was only a matter of time before she killed him. Fans believe that one of the things TWDMaggie has to come to terms with it before the series ends by acknowledging that Negan has changed. Whether it happens or not, Maggie has done naughty things, justified or not.


Andrea has always been on Rick’s side of the band, except when she started a romantic relationship with The Governor. Even then, she never wanted to see her friends hurt, it took some time before she realized that the Governor was not a good person to help them.

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Nonetheless, during her time with the Governor, Andrea could have been considered a villain. She may not have meant to, but she made a choice that went against her friends and the people who supported her.

Eugene Porter

Eugene in a science lab in The Walking Dead

There are sad things about Eugene from The Walking Dead. He eventually redeemed himself by sabotaging the ammo the Saviors were going to use to take out Rick and his group, showing his true allegiance. But for a time, Eugene was a villain. He worked with the Saviors, even aiding them in attacks on Alexandria. He gave Sasha the idea for the pill that could end her life, even though he did it because he knew it was what she wanted.

Let’s also not forget that in the beginning, Eugene tricked Rosita and Abraham into thinking he was a scientist who knew where and how to access the cure for the virus that had people turning after they died. It was a lie designed for self-preservation purposes, but it was big enough to make him a mean person.

Gabriel Stokes

Gabriel Stokes in The Walking Dead season 11 part 2

Gabriel was a quiet villain even before he became brutal and cruel. As a priest, he locked his entire group of parishioners out of his church to save himself, a selfish move that went against everything he preached.

After being tested over and over again and having his beliefs challenged, Gabriel became unhinged to some degree, brutally killing people, sometimes with little provocation but always with little mercy. He could do whatever he does for the good of his group, and yet somehow sees himself as a man of God. But he certainly made questionable moves.


Gregory in his house in The Walking Dead.

It was obvious from the start that Gregory was a loose man who was only for himself and not necessarily his community. He gave in to every demand Negan had simply to maintain the status quo. He was also doing the equivalent of skimming the top, keeping a nice supply of premium booze to entice Negan to stick to the program.

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Of course, it was wrong for Maggie to murder Gregory in cold blood. But he didn’t lead his community well and would have easily turned against them at the tip of the hat if given the chance. He may have been a clumsy, unintelligent villain, but he was a villain nonetheless.


Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis in Walking Dead World Beyond

Formerly leader of the Scavengers, one of the least powerful groups in The Walking Dead, was once an ally to Rick and the band. But she showed her true colors when she betrayed him because she got a better offer from Negan and the Saviors. She introduced herself as someone who could help, but in the end she simply accepted the offer that suited her best.

His character turned out to be an even bigger villain in the Walking Dead spin-off series. Walking Dead: World Beyond. But even in The Walking DeadJadis has always been hiding something as it was revealed that she had some relationship with the CRM that no one knew about.


Magna from The Walking Dead, standing alone outside, a group of people coming in the background.

Just because Magna was incarcerated before the apocalypse doesn’t necessarily make her a villain, though she has admitted to doing some really bad things that got her locked up in the first place. She was initially skeptical of the group and their intentions and it was her they kept their eyes on as they were unsure if they could trust her.

Magna is part of the group and works as a server in the Commonwealth. But she seems to resent the class divide in the post-apocalyptic community. If she’s part of the resistance movement, it could class her even more as a villain if she turns on her allies.

Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie was just a child, so it’s hard to blame her for her situation. Having suffered a lot of trauma, it’s unclear if she was in the frame of mind after suffering a mental breakdown or if she suffered from mental illness before the apocalypse.

It was a tough decision for Carol to eliminate Lizzie, in fact, it’s one of the saddest things about Carol on The Walking Dead. But she had become a clear and present danger to others, especially little Judith. Lizzie killed her younger sister, believing she would return as a walker and be better off. While it might be hard to think of Lizzie as a villain, she falls into the category because of the heinous thing she did.

Dr Steven Edwards

Dr. Steven Edwards appeared as a hero in the only episode he appeared in. He sacrificed himself for the group and remained at the CDC, working vigorously to find a cure for the virus. Or at least that’s what he told Rick. He was also the one who, just before his impending death, revealed to Rick that everyone turns around when dead, not just a few who have been infected.

But fans who watched the spin-off series Walking Dead: World Beyondfound that Dr. Edwards not only knew more about what was going on than he was letting on, but he and a team of researchers may very well have triggered the virus to begin with and studied it and the variations that were appearing around the world.

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