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Sea n ‘Soul is a social marketplace dedicated to reselling outdoor items and reducing our impact on the planet. Photo: Unsplash / Dendy Darma Satyazi


Editor’s Note: This feature is brought to you by our friends from Sea and soul.

Surfers in general are a bit more environmentally conscious than most. It may be an appreciation gained through time spent in nature, or perhaps surfers are inherently drawn to surfing. because of their appreciation for it. Either way, people who ride the waves seem to be more aware of the environmental impacts humans have on the planet. Which can be a difficult thing to reconcile, because surfing is not that good for it. Sea and soul, however, aims to reduce these impacts.

Sea n ‘Soul is a relatively new idea in the world of action sports: it is an app that is a social marketplace for outdoor adventure gear and clothing. Think of it a bit like a Craigslist or a premium Facebook Marketplace devoted only to little-used gear such as surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, ATVs, kayaks, boots, jackets, and merchandise. vintage related to the outdoors.

There is a kick, however. Unlike Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, Sean n ‘Soul gives a portion of every transaction to nonprofits, including the Surfrider Foundation and External alliance. Sea n ‘Soul, unlike transactional markets like the ones mentioned above, separates itself by educating users on how they can help do more to protect the environment. And, if you’re a Sea n ‘Soul user, chances are you are already interested in doing just that.

Sea n ‘Soul is the brainchild of a man named John Kozlowski, an avid surfer and environmentalist. For years he worked as an executive in the fashion and apparel world, with roles at big companies like Ralph Lauren and GQ magazine. It was in these roles that he noticed a problem that has plagued humanity for years.

“I have read many articles on how we as an industry are damaging our home planet through overproduction of goods that are not necessarily needed,” Kozlowski explained. “At the same time, I saw a trend emerging: resale platforms like The RealReal and Poshmark were exploding in popularity, but there was nothing like it for the outdoor adventure market.

Sea n ‘Soul’s goal is to make selling all that dusty, unused material that a person might have in their storage garage as easy as posting on Instagram. And in every way, he succeeds. Simply take a photo or video of the item you want to sell, upload it to the Sea n ‘Soul app, and list the price and condition of it.

Then it is instantly published so that users can easily purchase it. The app has popular categories, so finding a particular item – like a surfboard or a mountain bike – is easy. Users can bid or simply purchase the item for the listed price and then choose to have it shipped or, if in their area, pick it up in person.

Reusing things has been a tough package to sell – throwaway culture is real, especially nowadays – but it’s catching on. Patagonia, for example, has a program that allows the buyer to return Patagonia items for (usually) free repair. More and more outdoor enthusiasts are realizing that brand new doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially when looking through a green lens.

Not only is reusing items better for the environment, it makes fun things a lot more affordable. “We wanted to make these recreational activities accessible to everyone, and by creating a market where you can buy little-used gear for a big discount, we’re lowering the entry requirements,” Kozlowski said. “Not to mention, if you try out a sport you don’t like, you can put your gear on Sea n ‘Soul and recoup some of your expenses.

Right now, for example, Sea n ‘Soul has a Greenline cruising bike for only $ 85. There is an almost new 6’1 ″ Firewire Spitfire for $ 450, almost new condition 5’7 ″ Firewire Seaside for $ 550, and absolutely beautiful Becker Mitch Taylor 9’6 ″ longboard (fin included) for only $ 650. Offers after offers after offers, right?

If more of us thought a little less about the shiny new toy and our old beautiful world, we would all be much better off. This is exactly why Kozlowski launched Sea n ‘Soul.

“Our mission is to inspire the world to use what has already been produced, to reduce the demand for new products that are not needed, and to promote mindful outdoor recreation while helping to save our home planet,” said Kozlowski continued. “We live in a society of constant consumption where single-use and disposable items have become the norm, and, to combat this, I wanted to create a fully regenerative business. I truly believe that businesses can and should be part of the solution to give back to the world and help solve our climate crisis. “

Sea n ‘Soul is currently available for download on the App Store and google play and is also accessible on Seansoul.com. Follow them on Instagram here.

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