Associate Director – Springboro Chamber of Commerce


Salary: $ 35 to $ 40,000 – Paid vacation – Medical, dental and vision – Retirement


The Springboro Chamber of Commerce is a strong, active, dynamic and exciting chamber that is known for the great care we provide to members and employees.

We have over 700 members in good standing

We believe in offering programs, events and other membership opportunities to our members to help them grow, gain market visibility and partner with other business owners. local.


The Associate Director is responsible for assisting the General Manager in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the activities of the Springboro Chamber of Commerce, as directed by the Board of Directors. The associate director should work closely with members, government and school officials, as well as community members. The Associate Director will report directly to the Director General.


Develop and maintain membership

The Associate Director helps develop and maintain membership at a level that ensures the income necessary for the operations of the organization now and in the future.

The associate director must earn and maintain the respect and trust of the board. (He) will keep minutes and records at meetings and help execute plans and programs in accordance with established policies.

The Associate Director will ensure that House policy, as established or amended by Council, is properly recorded in the minutes.

Exhibit professionalism

The Associate Director will treat people with respect, keep their commitments, inspire trust, work with integrity and uphold the values ​​of the organization. (He) will follow policies and procedures, complete tasks on time and support the goals and values ​​of the organization. (He) will show passion and optimism and mobilize others to achieve the vision.

(He) will speak informatively, answer questions well, demonstrate group presentation skills, attend meetings, review spelling and grammar work, present data clearly, and be able to read and interpret written information.

Administer the office

The Associate Director helps oversee internal House operations to ensure maximum efficiency in identifying and resolving House issues. (He) will recommend changes to the Executive Director that could improve the organizational structure.


The Springboro Chamber of Commerce is based at the Springboro Performing Arts Center in the heart of Springboro Ohio. Springboro is a great place to live and work and is one of the fastest growing and best rated communities in Southwest Ohio. Springboro schools have received top honors from state and national organizations.


Be part of a successful organization integrated into the Springboro business community. Work with the City of Springboro, the Township of Clearcreek, and Springboro Schools to support and provide resources to local business owners and their staff.

To be part of a growing community and region and to lead the Springboro Chamber into the future. The Springboro Chamber is one of the leading chamber organizations in the Southwest Ohio market.

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