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By Neeraj Dhankher

Here’s a guide to the coming week for you. This is your prediction for December 20-26


The odds will be in your favor this week. You will be able to accumulate wealth, and you will gain respect in your social circle. Your superiors and management will recognize your efforts in your workplace. You will have good communication skills and you will be able to influence others. You will know how to delegate responsibilities. Business owners will take control of their work and explore new customers and markets to showcase your products and services. You will win the happiness of your children. You will have a good relationship with your siblings, but you must take care of your father’s health.

Tip of the week: Delegate your work


During this week, you will have earnings from abroad. In your workplace, your goal will be entirely to increase your income. You will get recognition for your hard work. Those looking for job opportunities will get a good job offer. You will then make new friends who will occupy an influential position. You will have the power of speech and be able to convince and influence others through your conversation. Some of you may spend on court cases. Your family life can be somewhat disrupted. You may want to include meditation in your lifestyle because sometimes you can worry needlessly which can increase your stress.

Tip of the week: use your speech responsibly


This week you will be full of energy. Professionally, those who work with foreign countries will be successful at this time. The native employees will have a good mastery of their work and will know how to coordinate effectively with their teams. Through your own efforts, you will be able to achieve monetary gains. Students may consider pursuing higher education. If they want to study abroad, this can be a good time. Sometimes you can be a bit arrogant which will not be appreciated by your loved ones and they can be hurt by this attitude. Health problems like muscle pain or back pain can be of concern.

Tip of the week: don’t be pushy


This week you will be full of courage and succeed in dominating your competition. Those who are involved in litigation will have a good time as their fighting spirit will be high which will give an advantage over their opponents. You may be earning well at this point, but you will be spending for materialistic purposes that may impact your bank balance. It is recommended that you do not invest your money in speculation or gambling at this time as there may be losses. If you are placed in a government position or in a higher position, you will achieve success. Students preparing for competitions will taste success.

Tip of the week: avoid speculative investments


During this week, you may have to face some issues in your workplace that can make you feel uncomfortable. However, with tact and patience, you will be able to resolve your issues. If you are in a leadership role, you can expect to receive a promotion. Those in a relationship may face conflict as your expectations of your partner will be high and you may become overly possessive. Nevertheless, you will get the happiness of your children at this time. This is a favorable phase for the students because their concentration and learning abilities will be exceptional. Health problems related to the stomach and eyes can bother you.

Tip of the week: avoid being too possessive


During this week, you may have some innovative ideas in mind to strengthen your career and your financial situation. Financially, this period will give you good results and you will progress in your efforts. Your investment will start to give you positive results. You will become sensitive to the issues that are happening around you. Your mood can be unpredictable at times. You may witness disruption in domestic life due to lack of coordination among family members. Academic progress will improve and you may consider signing up for a new course. Some previous health problems will begin to recover and provide you with relief.

Tip of the week: Be innovative


You will be full of courage during this week and will remain proactive in controlling your life. You will impress others with your communication skills. You will be blunt in your relationships, but sometimes people can misinterpret your actions. You will be able to reap returns on investments made in the past. You can create new social connections at this time. They will help you and support you in your efforts. You will have a supportive relationship with your siblings and you will benefit from it. You have to take care of your father’s health. You will stay healthy during this time and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Tip of the week: develop your social relationships


This week you will benefit from government policies, and you will also be able to obtain gains on ancestral property. You will impress everyone at your workplace with your bold and dynamic approach. Your hard work will be commendable. Those who love family affairs will shine and make an impression in their respective industry. Government employees may experience a change of location due to a transfer. If you are planning to make a long term investment or buy a property, then this is a good time. However, you should check the increase in expenses as your savings may be depleted due to unforeseen expenses.

Tip of the week: be bold and dynamic


This week you will feel energetic, but you need to control your aggressive behavior otherwise it will cause you problems in your personal and professional life. Your management will be impressed with your work and you may also get a promotion. Those who go into business will have a good time, as their strategies and efforts will bring auspicious results. As for your family life, you will have a great relationship with your father, and you will gain the happiness of your children. However, married couples can develop misunderstandings causing discord in married life due to your aggressive attitude.

Tip of the week: control your aggression


During this week your spending will be greater than your income as you may need to spend on health related matters. You need to take care of your health as you may suffer from sleep disturbances and stomach problems. You should also pay attention to your father’s health at this time. This time you will develop a strong inclination towards spiritual activities. Now is not the right time to invest your money in speculative activities. You can be manipulated by unproductive projects and ideas shared by some people, and they will try to influence you. Those who are in business with foreign clients will make a profit.

Tip of the week: keep tabs on your spending


This week you will establish contacts with influential and authoritative people who will help you in your professional life. You will benefit from government projects. Those who are in the partnership companies will have a favorable period as they will gain the trust of customers and make profitable business. Married natives will have a healthy bond with their spouse, however, they may face some distance due to their busy work schedule. However, your partner will understand you and support you in broadening your professional profile. If your partner is working, he can get a raise in his job, which will be a reason to be happy.

Tip of the week: Invest in government programs


This week will bring good results in your professional life and you will be able to complete all your efforts well on time. You may face criticism and gossip from your subordinates; However, this will not affect you. You will get that much more strength to achieve your dreams and work aggressively to complete your tasks. You will make contact with certain people in power and this will strengthen your image and your benevolence in society. Entrepreneurs will become famous in their business. You will have the support and help of your family and friends. Those looking to change jobs will hear good news about it.

Tip of the week: Complete all jobs on time

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer proficient in Vedic Astrology, KP and Nadi. He is the founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. Observations are made by the author based on his own analysis)

Source: IANS

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