Avoid buying these items

This year, Dhanteras falls on October 23, which is a Sunday. It is, also known as Dhanatrayodash, one of the most awaited festivals of Hindus. “Dhan” means wealth and “teras” means thirteen. The festival is observed on the 13th day of Krishan Paksha. It is usually celebrated one or two days before Diwali, the festival of lights. On this day, people buy jewelry or other items to bring good luck to the house.

On this day, Lord Dhanvantari is revered for good health. Lord Dhanvantari emerged during the churning of the ocean, holding a pot full of nectar (Amrit) in one hand and a holy text on Ayurveda in the other.

On this day, the tradition of worshiping Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber is also present. Both are revered for wealth and prosperity.

As every Hindu festival has a mythological reason behind its celebration, Dhanteras also has a beautiful legend.

According to the divinations of astrologers, the son of a king would die on the fourth day of his marriage. A snake would bite him. After the wedding of the prince, his wife learned all about the prediction regarding the death of her husband. She put all her ornaments and coins at the entrance to their room and continued to tell her husband stories all night long to keep him awake.

The Death God came in the guise of a serpent but was unable to enter the room as he felt blinded by the flickering of ornaments and coins. In the morning he slipped out of the room and thus the prince’s life was spared.

This is the reason why Yamraj is also worshiped on Dhanteras day.

It is believed that buying something for the house on Dhanteras day brings good luck. But that’s not always correct. You must refrain from buying certain things on this day, otherwise you will suffer the negative effects.

Here is the list that you should avoid buying on Dhanteras:

– ‘Rahu’ is believed to be associated with glass. So push away the idea of ​​buying glassware.

-You should not buy iron items. Also, don’t bring iron utensils home.

-Buying sharp objects like knives on Dhanteras day is considered inauspicious.

-It is considered inauspicious to buy oil on the day of Dhanteras. So for Diwali buy lamp oil before Dhanteras.

-If you need to send money or gifts to someone else, do not do so on Dhanteras Day as it is believed to bring bad luck.

-Do not buy fake/imitation gold ornaments on this auspicious day.

-As black is always associated with bad omen in Hindu religion, do not bring any black colored items home on this auspicious day.

-If you need to buy an empty iron pitcher on Dhanteras day, first fill it with a liquid like water and then take it home.

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