Balenciaga sells Assamese ‘muna’ for Rs 1.5 lakh


Luxury brands are notorious for snatching designs from the desi products used in our daily life. After Gucci’s Rs 2.5 lakh embroidered kurta, Internet users are now trolling this Assamese Balenciaga ‘muna’.

The Spanish brand based in Paris Barbes Est-Ouest tote bags are priced between $ 1950 and $ 2090. To complement these bags, the brand also sells similar pouches valued at $ 775 to $ 850. These bags are however not for sale in India.

While Maharashtrians say the shopping bag looks like the local “Pishwi”, @mahima_dev_mallick thinks the Balenciaga bag looks like the “sobzi market er bag” or a bag used to shop for vegetables or groceries in Assam.

Another Instagram user @ graphicalucifer01 was among the igers who commented on an Instagram user’s post saying, “I think either my aaji is secretly a Balenciaga designer or they just stole designs.”

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The brand offers a collection of these bags for sale which typically cost around Rs 150-300 in Indian markets and netizens can’t help but share their items on the exorbitantly priced “grocery bag”.

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