Best Buy GPU replenishment rumors for Founders Editions of Nvidia RTX 30 series this Friday


Update: Other updates from GPURestock hint at a date that Best Buy’s GPU replenishment goes on sale on Friday, October 1. Ticketing would begin in-store from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. local time.

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Original story: If you’re looking for an Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics card and live in the US, Best Buy might be your best bet for a GPU restock this week. Rumors suggest the retail giant will release more Founders Edition GPUs before the weekend, but you’ll likely have to travel by car, plane, or train to your nearest store to purchase some. a.

Best Buy has yet to confirm the stock decline, but rumors are circulating of a potential drop. These come largely from the Twitter account @GPURestock, which accurately predicted the last major replenishment of the Best Buy GPU.

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They say relatives of the store managers say the next GPU replenishment will be on Friday, October 1. On that day, employees will hand out tickets, one per GPU at the store, to those in the line, as Best Buy has done for previous ones. GPU crash.

They also report that you can actually find out if your local Best Buy will have inventory on hand, and what cards, by looking at the Best Buy app.

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There is no way to know if it is a database error or something similar, but if you search for RTX then tap the slider which limits the results to those in stock in your nearest store, you may find that certain RTX 30-series Founders Edition are listed. These cards are not available for pickup and would be “sold out” – a good start, I know – but in theory the fact that they even show up could mean the store has received a delivery of these cards and is almost ready. to give them to the lucky bettors.

It sounds a bit like the ancient art of fortune telling, but maybe there is some logic in the madness.

Instead of confirmation, however, be prepared to upgrade to a Best Buy in time for the inventory to drop in case it does. Best Buy already has an inventory checker and an announcement page for upcoming drops in store in place, just like it did last time around, so in theory we’ll get confirmation of the drop ahead of time.

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