Biden Administration Sues Texas Over Restrictive Election Law – As Happened | US News


Last week, the House of Representatives select committee delayed Jeffrey Clark’s testimony because he hired a new lawyer.

Clark did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The congressional aide spoke on condition of anonymity.

Clark, the former acting head of the Justice Department’s civilian division, was a supporter of Trump’s baseless claims that Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the November 2020 election was the result of fraud.

On October 13, the committee announced that it had issued a subpoena to Clark asking him to produce records and testify in a deposition before October 29.

In announcing that it had subpoenaed Clark, the panel said it needed to understand all the details of efforts within the previous administration to amplify misinformation about election results.

In January, the Justice Department’s Inspector General announced that his office was launching an investigation into whether Clark had plotted to oust then Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen so he could take charge of the ministry and help prosecute Trump’s baseless allegations by opening an investigation into electoral fraud in Georgia. .

A report from the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee revealed that Clark also wrote a letter he wanted Rosen to approve, which urged Georgia to convene a special legislative session to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

Clark’s plan ultimately failed after senior department officials threatened to resign in protest, the Senate investigation revealed.

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