Boo! Berejiklian’s bad luck with men is a frightening affair


The timeline is important because it raises doubts not only about his judgment in men, but his judgment in general.

His PR handling of the Dodgy Daryl scandal was initially seen as a masterstroke by many and nauseating by others.

Most will remember those in a hurry Sunday Telegraph bout de chou under the title “Yes I loved him but I will never speak to him again”.

The supposedly brilliant head of the country’s largest state has been described as an “inexperienced romantic politician” who was “broken” and “shed bitter tears in private” and “paid a painful price to love and trust” the government. deputy in disgrace.

“I gave up on love,” she said. (Obviously, that was long before his lawyer Boo Moses mended his broken heart).

His PR team were obviously so happy with the outpouring of support for #poorglad on social media that they then went further with a risky radio interview with the infamous Kyle Sandilands who, only the previous week, had said to listeners that he still thought Berejiklian was a “crazy lesbian”.

She took advantage of the despicable exchange to deny that she had ever “wet” in same-sex relationships, but quoted Seinfeld “not that there is anything wrong with it”.

The couple also chuckled when Sandilands spoke of “secret sex being the best sex.” Presumably, his poll showed that this approach actually worked.

Well, that could have been the case, except for the pesky issue of the ongoing ICAC Maguire investigation – Operation Keppel – which was due to report earlier this year.

In an effort to stem the fallout from the revelations on her personal life, Gladys Berejiklian discussed sex with Kyle Sandilands.Credit:RNA

When the ICAC announced in March that the investigation would be ongoing and nothing more has been heard so far, it became apparent that there was more to the whole story than the original fictionalized version. from the Prime Minister’s PR machine.


To be fair, Berejiklian never really had much luck with men, even the ones she didn’t choose.

His relationship with Prime Minister Scott Morrison has often been strained despite his claim on Friday that they were besties.

There was the infamous Koala-gate political standoff with his Deputy Prime Minister and Nats leader John Barilaro, who seemed to have finally stood up to a tyrant threatening to blow up his government.

More recently, the Prime Minister’s Office has had to deal with leaks and destabilization from men around her who suspected her of still being politically vulnerable.


How fortuitous that she has borne the brunt of the long lockdown, and they are now able to step in just when the worst seems to be over.

No one knows exactly what will happen when Berejiklian appears before the resumed ICAC hearings on October 18, although we can certainly expect one thing. Presumably, she will have a new lawyer to represent her if she finally learns something about the term conflict of interest when it comes to your love and professional life. Boo indeed.

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