Boris Johnson live news: PM ‘sells off’ workers, says Labor


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Labor accused Boris Johnson of “selling” workers by failing to try to end “layoffs and rehires” of staff on reduced terms.

Write in The independentLabor leader Keir Starmer said the pandemic was being used as a “smokescreen” to erode workers’ rights, with 3 million employees being asked to apply for their jobs since March last year.

He added that “unscrupulous bosses” were pressuring workers to accept worse wages and working conditions.

Mr Starmer’s remarks precede a debate on the issue in parliament on Friday.

Meanwhile, dozens of celebrities – including Olivia Colman and Stephen Fry – have urged the Prime Minister to make Britain’s asylum system fairer and more compassionate.

In a letter, they called on the government to “rethink” its “anti-refugee” nationality and border bill, which they say aims to turn back those “who are in desperate need of security.”


Kuenssberg quits as BBC political editor, reports say

Laura Kuenssberg is in talks to step down as BBC political editor, it was reported.

A source told the Guardian that this move would come as part of a larger reshuffle of senior officials.

One of the candidates for Ms. Kuennsberg’s position is Jon Sopel, who will soon end his role as broadcaster’s editor for North America.

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Inside politics

here is Matt Mathers with an overview of the main political stories of today:

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Conservative reforms reallocated school money from poor areas to rich areas, MPs say

Conservative education financing reforms have reallocated money from poorer areas to richer areas, a multi-stakeholder committee found.

The Public Accounts Committee said the government’s formula cut funding in the most disadvantaged areas by 1.2 percent, but increased it by 2.9 percent in the wealthiest places.

It comes as the government continues to pretend it is “leveling” the country.

Responding to the committee’s finding, Kate Green, the shadow secretary for education, said: “With the learning gap between children receiving free school meals and their peers widening throughout the pandemic It couldn’t be clearer that the government has the wrong priorities for school funding.

Our political correspondent Jon stone reports:

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UK strengthens investment ties with India

Foreign Minister Liz Truss will use a two-day visit to India to strengthen trade ties between the countries.

She will also try to persuade India’s Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav to make other green commitments ahead of the Cop26 climate change conference.

“I want the UK and India to strengthen their partnership in critical areas such as technology, investment, security and defense,” said Ms Truss.

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Celebrities urge government to reconsider ‘anti-refugee’ bill

More than 40 celebrities have urged Boris Johnson to rethink the government’s “anti-refugee” nationality and borders bill.

They said the bill, which is passing through parliament, would endanger people who “desperately need security”.

“Now is not the time to push them away. Now is the time to offer our hand in kindness and protection. We urge you to think again, ”they wrote.

My colleague Lamiat Sabin has more details:

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PM ‘sells off’ workers, says Labor Party

Keir Starmer accused the PM of “selling” workers by failing to do more to end the “horrible” practice of “firing and rehire”, writes Ashley cowburn.

In an article for The independent, the Labor leader said “unscrupulous bosses” were forcing staff to accept lower wages.

He pointed out that 3 million employees have been asked to reapply for their positions since the start of the pandemic.

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