British man accidentally prints 10,000 “Free Brittany” shirts instead of “Free Britney”


Fans and activists have taken to the streets and on social media to protest the tutelage of pop megastar Britney Spears, who is overseen by her father and seen by many critics as a way to unfairly control the finances of Spears and prevent him from leading a normal life.

The #FreeBritney campaign gained momentum after the release of the Hulu documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” produced by the New York Times Company and featuring people close to Spears expressing concern over her plight.

Now part of the biggest zeitgeist, people seek to profit from the “Free Britney” movement by creating merchandise. A Briton ordered 10,000 t-shirts in an attempt to make a profit, but clearly didn’t pay enough attention to the way Spears spells his first name.

He now has thousands of T-shirts left that read #FreeBrittany. “If only he’d gone print-on-demand …

Karl Baxter, designer of the shirts, would have had good intentions, pledging to donate 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts to the #FreeBritney campaign.

“After hearing and reading all about Britney’s fight to end her guardianship, I was interested in doing something to help fight the cause by appealing to my young clients,” he said, according to EuroNews. “I am now stuck with loads of inventory that are probably not going anywhere. I therefore call on all fans of the movement to invest in one.

It is a tall order. Since Baxter donated a relatively small portion of the proceeds to the real cause, 10,000 people are unlikely to find it in their hearts to bail him out of his t-shirt stock.

If he fails to sell them all (which is likely), he says he will give them to developing countries. Either that or he can keep them in case there is a trending hashtag campaign to support the liberation of the Brittany region from the clutches of France.

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