Camilla Cabello reveals what happened at Taylor Swift’s dressing room


Like teenagers paired up in fifth grade, Camille Cabello and Shawn Mendes acted like a perfect match while vehemently putting out dating rumors. The dedicated senders of these two can testify to the emotional roller coaster that Cabello and Mendes put on them.

Finally, supporters of these two musical pop stars breathed a sigh of relief when they announced their relationship in 2019.

It’s safe to say the fan excitement could be compared to watching a toddler walk for the first time.

And, of course, they have been accepted around the world by their fans. But that hasn’t spared them from the toxicity of some social media frenzy. Celebrities are often exposed to this negativity in their day-to-day relationships, but Cabello and Mendes have managed to rise above it and live their lives as they see fit.

The couple’s chemistry transcends beyond physicality, as they are also career-synchronized. Continue reading below to check out the stunt this pair performed on a Taylor Swift show.

What happened?

Before becoming an Item, the duo released a hit titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and the chemistry in the song and the video was insane. After watching the contestants perform their song during the battles of “The Voice,” Cabello revealed a jaw-dropping fact behind the production.

She and Mendes were inspired to do this song during one of Taylor Swift’s concerts. They went to Swift’s dressing room to start writing the song from scratch.

Even John Legend was no stranger to their oozing chemistry. He once noted that they had succeeded effortlessly as it was their very first collaboration as friends.

In Cabello’s words, they “walked away with more than a song”. Is it safe to say more magic than rhythm in this lodge? I guess we’ll never know. One thing is for sure, the senders should thank the song more.

Best musical friends turned lovers

After years of what seemed like an endless “friendship,” Cabello and Mendes announced their romance in the summer of 2019. It was the media buzz around that time. Several fans of the pop stars have taken to social media to express their thoughts.

It was beautiful to see them finally accept the love they were trying to hide.

Of course, they’ve been through a lot as famous personalities – some viewers thought they were faking their romance to get more eyes on themselves and their music career. Especially after insisting for months that there was nothing left.


Others simply said that they started dating under pressure and would be breaking up soon.

Despite all of these assumptions, the duo have proven that their love is genuine and beautiful. Although they were silent about their relationship for a while, they resurfaced with a seemingly stronger bond. We just hope it gets even better for the lovebirds.

Who have they dated in the past?

Mendes and Cabello may be soul mates now, but before they met they had relationships with other people who they thought would last forever.

However, fans are supportive of this duo that they live happily ever after, regardless of relationship difficulties.

Prior to meeting, the singers had several relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry. Cabello was apparently involved with singer-songwriter Austin Mahone and the famous face of the now-broken boy band “One Direction,” Louis Tomlinson.

Mendes was also previously involved with Chloe Mortez and now Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin, aka Hailey Bieber.

‘Senorita’ escalated her relationship rumors

If anything caused fans to go wild on social media about the song, it wasn’t the beautiful dance flicks the couple featured in the clip, rather it was a statement from Cabello who sang. saying; “… You say we’re just friends / but friends don’t know how you taste lalala…”

When the video for their song “Senorita” came out, senders, admirers, enemies, even the people who didn’t care were moved to comment on their “friendship” at the time. Many couldn’t believe the couple were claiming they were not involved.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes share multiple kisses as they laugh as the stagehand continues to set the scene during their romantic swing as fans join in the laughs as they perform at Global Citizens under the scorching sun ahead of an event massive in New York

With their stellar stage performance of the song on MTV, everyone was curious. Fans were all over social media with comments like “Cabello and Shawn are the ones having a baby together, but just as friends” they knew how to get people talking.
Fans also commented on how much they enjoyed each other’s company, as Cabello has previously noted that Mendes is helping him deal with his anxiety. Afterwards, Mendes revealed that he takes inspiration from his partner.

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