CAPCOM plans to release several major games in FY23, selling a record 37 million units

Today CAPCOM reported record sales in the fiscal year that ended last March. The company reached 32.6 million total units sold, resulting in net sales of $850 million (up 15.5% over the prior year), operating profit of $330 million (up 24.0% over the prior year), ordinary income of $340 million. (up 27.2% over the prior year) and net income of $250 million (up 30.6% over the prior year). Performance was primarily driven by Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and catalog sales.

The most interesting information, however, comes from CAPCOM’s outlook for the next fiscal year. The Japanese company plans to break new records with estimated sales of 37 million units, of which 30 million would take place outside of Japan. CAPCOM expects to sell 27 million units with catalog games and 10 million units with new games, which brings us to the next slide, where the company reveals plans to release several major games over the course of the year. fiscal year 2023 (expected to end in March 2023) .

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One of them is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Monster Hunter Rise expansion set to launch June 30 on PC and Nintendo Switch. CAPCOM left the rest to our guessing game.

Titles announced include Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, Capcom Fighting Collection, Resident Evil 2/3/7 getting next-gen console versions, Resident Evil Re:Verse, and Resident Evil Village DLC.

However, none of these can be considered major new titles. That moniker seems far more appropriate for the co-op dinosaur action game Exoprimal and the mysterious Pragmata, set in a dystopian near future on Earth’s Moon.

It’s also possible that CAPCOM will release the highly anticipated (but still unconfirmed) sequel to Dragon’s Dogma in fiscal year 2023. Hideaki Itsuno teased december 31st that his next project was progressing well, so hopefully we’ll have an official announcement soon enough.

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