Chamber of Commerce could ask for road works suspended for a few weeks – Red Bluff Daily News

The opportunity to request the halt of road works during the rainy season this winter to complete the section of the national road on the east side just outside of Red Bluff, with a view to eliminating any further interference with land traffic adjacent to the city, will be discussed. at a meeting tonight of the local chamber of commerce. The meeting is called for 7:30 am and a large turnout is expected.

RM Norvell, chairman of the chamber, said this morning that something should be done to avoid unnecessary delays in resuming traffic on the road which usually brings large numbers of people into town from neighboring sections of the county. Three small gaps between the bridges remain to be paved and, as President Norvell pointed out, traffic is now forced to make a detour on an uncertain route which makes it difficult to access the city.

With continued precipitation, President Norvell continued, traffic will be slower than ever.

“If the paving of these three small interstices is finished now,” he added, “the highway will not be ready to travel until mid-February. It is too long to wait, and action must be taken to remedy this situation. “

It is stated that a decision will be made following a request from TA Bedford of Dunsmuir, Division Engineer for the National Roads Commission, that the completion of the paving be postponed until the weather is calmer later in the winter.

– December 28, 1921

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