Christchurch mayoral candidate owes landlords $17,000 in unpaid rent

A Christchurch mayoral candidate has been evicted from one of his commercial properties and faces eviction from another over unpaid rent.

Nikora Nitro’s business dealings in the seaside suburb of New Brighton appear to be coming to an end after he was evicted from his Crema Cafe premises in the mall last month for owing thousands of dollars in unpaid rent.

He also owes just under $10,000 on his Hangi House business premises on Shaw Ave, where he lives.

Nitro’s social media posts in recent weeks plead for his friends to donate money to his owner.

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His business dealings made headlines earlier this year when he opened a boutique in New Brighton.

It emerged that the former Mana Party organizer was trying to organize school trips and holiday programs despite having a sex conviction, as well as failing to pay the salaries of his staff, among other allegations.

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A copy of the eviction notice sent to Nitro by his Crema Cafe owner, seen by Things, gave him notice to vacate the premises for $7,500 in unpaid rent. He has since left these premises.

Nitro also pleaded for donations toward $8,000 in back rent for Hangi House on Shaw Ave.

“If you would like to help… please put it directly on the owner’s account with the reference ‘Nitro,'” he said in a social media post on Sept. 3.

Residents and business owners of New Brighton have expressed concerns since Nitro moved into their suburbs.

Peter Meecham / Stuff

Residents and business owners of New Brighton have expressed concerns since Nitro moved into their suburbs.

“Of course, Hangi is sold this week to reduce the amount by $2,000 … leaving the task of selling three business plans or seeking donations.”

Things understands that the total amount owed in rent for the Hangi House premises is closer to $10,000.

A week ago, graffiti on the door of his Crema cafe read “pay your rent or get out.” We don’t know who wrote it.

The graffiti has since been repainted.

Nitro gave former Crema Cafe owner Raj Kaur a $40,000 gift for his business premises lease and naming rights in March. Kaur previously said that she only ever received $3500.

Nitro sold food and drink from its cafe for weeks without a food license.

Nitro established the Maui School of Haka in 2010.

Dean Kozanic / Stuff

Nitro established the Maui School of Haka in 2010.

Over the years he has been accused of a number of questionable business dealings in Christchurch.

Most have gone through his flagship business Hangi House, where staff say they weren’t paid, and previous owners claim he disappeared after failing to pay rent.

He is running for mayor of Christchurch this year.

“I’m going to run for mayor. I hope I get 50 votes this time, I’m sure,” he previously said..

Full name Nicholas Kayne Nitro – Nitro established the Maui school of haka in 2010.

In 2012, he was found guilty of receiving sexual services from a 16-year-old boy in exchange for cigarettes and money (the age limit is 18 under the Law on Reform). prostitution).

In 2015, it was discovered that he had helped set up a youth charity linked to the sex trade.

He and Veronica Rongomairatahi Stuart, who had been convicted of fraud, previously operated a men’s club called The Closet, at a site on Ferry Rd.

He stood for Christchurch Coastal Borough Council headquarters following the resignation of James Daniels last year.

He came in last with 24 votes.

After running for that seat, he failed to declare his expenses and donations by the deadline.

Nitro could not be reached for comment.

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