Christine Quinn approves new Oppenheim agents


Netflix’s Selling Sunset co-star Christine Quinn shares her shocking approval of the latest agents to join the Oppenheim group on Sunset.

Known for her aggressive presence in the office, Sell ​​the sunsetChristine Quinn surprisingly shares her approval of the latest additions to the Oppenheim Group. Throughout her time on the Netflix original series, Christine has proven to be one of the most ruthless and fierce agents working for Brett and Jason Oppenheim. Unyielding in her approach to real estate and friendship, Christine has become a fan favorite, an icon for some and an office villain for others.

Heading into Season 4, the cast had a number of challenges to overcome, including the division over Heather Rae Young’s marriage and exposure to COVID-19 within the Oppenheim Group. With the drama that ensued and many complications during filming, fans were left with many unanswered questions about the many changes to the Oppenheim group. As stars talk about weddings, new alliances, and a season full of new beginnings, Season 4 looks to be one of the show’s most exciting episodes yet.

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Released on E! New, Christine shared her enthusiasm for the new additions to the cast of Sell ​​the sunset. With a lot of tension in the office, Christine made it clear that new agents were needed and wanted within the Oppenheim Group. After her recent falling out with Heather and her lingering tensions with Chrishell Stause, Christine explained that she had “a problem [with Heather and Chrishell]… but new girls are great. ” Barred from Heather’s marriage and still bothered by past arguments with Chrishell, Christine appears to be in retreat with her co-stars, focusing on forming new relationships with the latest additions to the cast. While Christine claimed that the two new agents, Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan, are “so good” and “unbelievable,” she explained that the new appearances are used to “change the dynamic” to the Oppenheim group.

With a lot of changes around the corner for Sell ​​the sunset, the cast assured audiences that the office will be very different in Season 4. Whether it’s new cast members or the inevitably controversial relationship between Chrishell and Jason, the series has a lot to explore going forward. of the season, with nearly every member of the cast involved in his personal drama and alliances. Even with the cast revealed so far, Christine is teasing even more additions to the cast for season 4, claiming, “We have a lot of new girls, more than you might think.” As fans plan to meet Vanessa and Emma, ​​they are also certain to be thrilled to meet the mystery. “new girls” that Christine continues to refer to.

Once known for her sinister on-screen demeanor, Christine seems to change alongside the show, embracing newcomers and embracing exciting life changes. With the upcoming release of Christine’s book and an ongoing role in Sell ​​the sunset, the reality TV star has plenty of positive changes in store for the year ahead. Befriending new co-stars and channeling positivity through adversity, Christine promises a refreshing and shocking new season of Sell ​​the sunset.

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