Could insider buying signal

The latest data from GuruFocus shows that the Chairman and CEO N/A purchased 5000 shares of TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc (TCON) on 2022-09-22.

When insiders buy stock in their company, it can often be a positive sign. This could signal that insiders are becoming optimistic about the future of their company. Insiders know a lot more about their business than the general public, so it’s worth paying attention to their trades. With that in mind, let’s take a look at this insider buy to see if TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc is worth the attention of investors.

The trades of Charles Theuer

During the past year, Charles Theuer has purchased 0 shares in total.

This means that Charles Theuer buys the shares of their company for the long term. This could be a positive sign for the stock’s future.

Insider Trends

Some investors may wonder if insider buying is that important. Are other insiders also buying the shares, or are other insiders selling?

The insider trading history for TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc shows that there were 36 total insider buys in the past year. Meanwhile, there were 0 insider selling during the same period.

We like to see more insider buying versus insider selling. This indicates a bullish trend among senior executives and owners of the company. The more insiders buy, the more likely the stock is undervalued.


Shares of TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc were trading at a high of $1.69 on the day of Charles Theuer’s recent purchase. This gives the stock a market capitalization of $36.203 million.

Please note that figures and facts quoted are at the time of writing this article and may not reflect the latest business data or company announcements.

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  • CEO Buys, CFO Buys: Stocks bought by their CEO/CFO.
  • Insider Cluster Purchases: Shares purchased by several officers and directors of the company.
  • Double Buys :: Companies that gurus and insiders are buying
  • Triple Buys: Companies that gurus and insiders buy, and the company buys out.

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