County plans to buy curbside voting materials


The Hays County Court of Commissioners will consider using grants to purchase equipment to support curbside voting.

Commissioners to discuss permission from the county election administration office to use grants from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) to purchase Hart Verity Duo Go for curbside voting and to upgrade the system Hart Verity vote at Tuesday’s meeting.

The county election administrator has received permission from CTCL to use the grant funding for upgrading the voting system and purchasing equipment, according to the commissioner’s court agenda. Additionally, upgrading the system would place the Verity election system on a Windows 10 Enterprise platform, which will ensure that the voting system has the latest software updates with enhanced functionality.

The Verity Duo Go system is a portable voting device that will allow curbside and indoor or outdoor voting options to be used to assist voters in Hays County, the package says to order of the day.

The upgrade of the system and the purchase of voting materials will be funded entirely by grants and no county funding will be required.

In other cases, commissioners will consider allowing the county judge to enforce the Third Amendment to the Hays County-City of San Marcos Interlocal Agreement regarding San Marcos’ Zone 5 Reinvestment of Tax Increases. Marcos.

The Third Amendment to San Marcos TIRZ Interlocal Agreement # 5 reduces Hays County’s payment to the program from 70% to 25% of the tax increase for tax year 2021. This has also been done in the 2020 tax year.

The county’s move comes after San Marcos City Council backed an ordinance amending the project plan for TIRZ No.5, also known as “Downtown TIRZ,” extending the reduced contribution rate for the city and the city. county of the tax increase filed in the tax. Fund increase from 70% to 25% for an additional year.

The decision was made during the COVID-19 pandemic to mitigate some of the financial impacts. An extra year was suggested to help them get through the financial difficulties.

TIRZ Council # 5 recently met on March 22 to discuss the allocation of property tax to TIRZ # 5 projects. Due to both the significant property tax assessment and the COVID financial emergency, the TIRZ No.5 board of directors agreed to continue for 2021 the property tax deduction at 25% of city and county property tax revenue for an additional year.

In the most recent quarterly investment report, there was a decrease of nearly $ 5 million in pooled cash due in part to a $ 2 million land purchase made from the Downtown TIRZ fund. .

The reduced contributions will save the city about $ 638,000 and Hays County about $ 422,000.

During the executive session, the Commissioners will consult with lawyers regarding the purchase, exchange, rental and value of real estate associated with the 2020 parks and open space bond projects recommended by the Parks Advisory Board and open spaces. They will also hold a deliberation regarding the employment and duties of all individual positions within the Hays County Department of Transportation.

Tuesday’s Commissioners’ Court meeting begins at 9 a.m. at the historic Hays County Courthouse – 111 E. San Antonio St. – Room 301.

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