CPA warns consumers against handling Instagram accounts

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) has warned all consumers in Saudi Arabia against dealing with Instagram accounts for transactions and business dealings. The CPA cited a number of reasons for this.

These include the fact that the Instagram platform is a social networking platform and not a commercial one. The association said it receives dozens of reports of purchase-related fraud or procrastination via Instagram accounts each week.

He noted that the use of most Instagram accounts for transfers from personal bank accounts on behalf of individuals inside or outside the Kingdom, which turns the nature of the transaction into a dispute between individuals rather than a commercial dispute.

In such transactions, the process of refunding the money paid is complicated and difficult as it falls outside the purview of business rules and regulations.

The association also pointed out that Instagram accounts do not meet the e-commerce requirements requested by the Ministry of Commerce, including the absence of electronic payment, the absence of display of the commercial and tax registration number, and the absence of electronic payment. absence of a clear and clear code. written policy for exchanges and returns of goods.

Indeed, most Instagram accounts are individual and not affiliated or associated with institutions or companies registered in the Kingdom.

The association noted that most complaints and reports of fraud and procrastination in handling Instagram accounts relate to clothes and dresses, electronic games, recharge cards and internet cards.

The association suggested consumers take note of the following when making purchases at electronics stores:

* Check the validity of the commercial registration by asking the Ministry of Commerce or by asking about the online shops available at the CPA.

* The association provides a free online store investigation service to all consumers in the Kingdom to ensure that the website is not registered in the fraud data monitored by the association and to verify the validity of the commercial register and its link to the online store.

* In the event of a request to transfer the purchase amount to a personal account inside or outside the Kingdom, the possibility of fraud and the impossibility of refunding the amount is very high.

* If payment is requested by sending a WhatsApp link or other communication sites, the possibility of fraud is high.

It should be noted that the association aims to protect the interests of the consumer; safeguard and defend consumer rights; consumer representation before public and private bodies; protect consumers against all kinds of falsifications, counterfeits, frauds, deceptions, falsifications and exaggerated prices; and promote consumer awareness and rationalization of consumption.

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