Desi Twitter shocked at Gucci selling ‘Kurta’ for Rs 2.5 Lakh


Gucci’s floral-embroidered kaftan has raised eyebrows on social media.

Italian fashion house Gucci sells a dress that strikingly resembles the traditional Indian kurta, and desi Twitter users have a lot to say about this. The “organic linen kaftan” with floral embroidery sells for $ 3,500 on the luxury brand’s website – that’s a whopping Rs 2.5 lakh, or so. The linen caftan, made in Italy, is decorated with floral embroidery and an opening at the collar with a tassel to tie. Customers have the option of paying in monthly installments to purchase it.

According to reactions on Twitter, Indians are not happy – neither with the cultural appropriation nor with the price, which some say is too high even for a world-famous luxury fashion house, when similar outfits can. be bought for a fraction. price.

“Gucci selling an Indian kurta for 2.5 lakhs? I’ll get the same for $ 500,” wrote a Twitter user, sharing two photos of the ivory-colored kaftan.

Many intervened to say that they would not even spend a small amount on kaftan-like outfits.

“Who spends that kind of money on a kurta?” Asked another Twitter user.

Some said they could find similar kurtas at local retailers.

This is not the first time that Gucci has come under fire for cultural appropriation. In 2018, Gucci sent models to the catwalk in a variety of headwear – from elaborate headdresses to hijabs and turbans. Their use of turbans for a fashion show was heavily criticized, with Twitter users pointing out that turbans are an important part of Sikh religion and therefore should not have been used as fashion accessories.

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