E-commerce policy to include the interest of each stakeholder, be balanced: Goyal


Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal assured that the interests of every stakeholder will be taken into consideration when developing e-commerce policy, which would be sound and in the interest of every Indian .

Speaking to the PTI news agency on Sunday, Goyal further clarified that he welcomed any comments on the draft e-commerce rules, but that comments on cross-ministerial issues on the draft rules are fully. unjustified.

Goyal’s comments follow reports that the Department for the Promotion of Domestic Industry and Trade (DPIIT), the Ministry of Trade Affairs and Niti Aayog objected to certain provisions of the draft trade rules. electronic. The report claims based on a response from RTI that Niti Aayog expressed concerns about the effect of the proposed e-commerce rules on the ease of doing business.

Goyal said the whole point of an interdepartmental consultation was to get views and comments from different quarters.

“I think I welcome all comments and look forward to very solid and healthy consultations with all stakeholders … We are trying to balance everyone’s interests and come up with a solid framework within which this (policy) can. be implemented for the benefit of all Indians, ”Goyal told PTI.

The very purpose of publishing the draft rules is to arouse public opinion, ideas from other ministries, stakeholders, encourage comments, he said, adding that the government has always believed in engage with all stakeholders before making a final decision on a policy.

Citing the example of the data privacy law, national education policy and jewelry hallmark standards, he said the government is conducting a stakeholder consultation to come to a good decision. National jewelers now appreciate hallmark standards, which they had opposed tooth and nail before, he said.

“The consumer rules regarding e-commerce are subject to public consultation. I warmly welcome comments from various stakeholders, but I must protect the interests of all and balance the interests of consumers, the interests of e-commerce. and the interests of retailers, “he said, adding that” everyone’s interest will be taken into account and a balanced and very robust policy will be finalized. “

When asked if there was a movement to tie all policies together, he said each ministry must protect its own stakeholders. The DPIIT of the Ministry of Trade and Industry is also developing a national e-commerce policy.

“The Ministry of Consumer Affairs must protect the interests of consumers. E-commerce policy is an issue that the Ministry of Industry must focus on, because they must protect the interests of industry and domestic trade … so we have an orderly behavior in the industry and at the same time, ensure that internal trade is also protected, “he said.

He said they are trying to balance the interests of all and come up with a solid framework within which this policy can be implemented for the benefit of all Indians.

On June 21, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs released draft e-commerce rules under which it prohibited fraudulent flash sales and mis-selling of goods and services on e-commerce platforms. The appointment of a Compliance Officer / Grievance Officer is among the other key proposed changes to the Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020.

The government has also proposed the registration of every e-commerce entity that intends to operate in India with DPIIT. The proposed changes also included e-commerce entities requiring to provide information no later than 72 hours after receiving an order from a government agency for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of offenses under any law.

According to research firm CUTS International, many consumer organizations have argued that draft e-commerce rules should focus only on issues facing consumers. The 2020 consumer protection (e-commerce) rules were first notified in July last year. Their violation is subject to criminal prosecution under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

(With PTI inputs)

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