Fan throws away PS5 cardboard after finally buying a real one


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Have you ever got your hands on a PlayStation 5? They are still incredibly hard to find. One Twitter user, for example, settled for a homemade cardboard mockup.

“I wanted a PlayStation 5 since early May”, Twitter user Yada tell Kotaku. “The reason is that Guilty equipment: strive was on sale.

Yada was able to buy Aspire. But unable to buy a real PlayStation 5, they decided to make one out of cardboard instead. It was really a really good one, I would say. Personally, I love the “PS5” scribbled on the side. If Sony needs a new PS5 font, this is a winner!

The dimensions were pretty accurate, but the amazing thing is that Yada looked at the size and wasn’t running from exact specs. And take a look at this cardboard DualSense controller. The DIY details are great. It’s almost like you can play on he.

But alas, you can’t. Like was painfully evident when Yada tried to put their copy of Guilty equipment in. Pity! Throwing in the controller sounds like a lot of fun, though.

Finally, Yada was able to buy her own PlayStation 5. “A friend of mine found one in a store and booked it for me. It is thanks to this that I was finally able to get one!

What a wonderful feeling to be able to get the console and play the game you wanted.

To mark the occasion, Yada threw a little party at home, with a sign saying “Welcome to the Yada family” (お い で ま せ 矢 田家 or “oidemase Yada-ke”) as “oidemase”Is“ welcome ”in the Yamaguchi dialect.

There were also party hats, streamers, poppers, and even strawberry cakes. The festivities ended with Yada throwing the cardboard in the trash, and without a doubt, turning on the real PS5 to play. Guilty equipment.

If you are in Guilty equipment, feel free to follow Yada on Twitter here.

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