Fayette sells bracelets to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees | Local News

A 10-year-old girl from Fayette County sells handmade bracelets to raise money for Ukrainian refugees.

“It hurts to see children crying and being scared. It’s terrifying and it’s not fair,” said Uniontown’s Ashlyn Brenzy, a fourth grade student at Hatfield Elementary School in the school district. of Laurel Highlands “It’s so scary for me, and I wish I could stop it all.”

Sharon Brenzy said her daughter has always been a very caring child and was particularly touched by the images of crying Ukrainian children. She said Ashlyn wanted to do something to help.

On Monday night, Sharon went to Ashlyn’s bedroom to say goodnight and saw her daughter making a bracelet. Sharon told him that the bracelet’s blue and yellow colors were the same as the Ukrainian flag.

Ashlyn asked her mother if she could make and sell the bracelets through her mother’s Facebook page, with proceeds going to help refugees. Initially, Sharon said she told her daughter no.

Then she changed her mind.

“I felt bad for telling him no,” Sharon said. “I should give him the opportunity to make an impact in this world.”

Just before 11 p.m. on Monday, Sharon posted on Facebook about Ashlyn’s plan to sell the bracelets for $1 each, with proceeds going to the American Red Cross and its refugee relief efforts.

“I thought my sister and mum would call, but I was super surprised (Tuesday) morning when the requests kept coming in,” Sharon said.

In the first 24 hours of Sharon’s post, 300 wristbands were sold. By midday on Wednesday, that number had risen to 425, with some customers ordering 10 or 20 wristbands.

Ashlyn was even more surprised when she found out.

“I told her she had done 11, but she was going to have to do more,” Sharon said. “She couldn’t believe it; she jumped out of bed, grabbed her materials, and started making some more.

Ashlyn said she was amazed to hear that so many people wanted a bracelet, and she is happy and grateful that so many people want to help Ukraine.

As the orders pile up, Sharon throws a girls’ night out with her, Ashlyn and Ashlyn’s friend and fellow Hatfield student Ava Christopher, who makes bracelets. The trio completed 50 before running out of gear.

As they wait for more supplies, Sharon said she will continue to accept orders through her Facebook page until Wednesday, April 6.

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