Five Pittsburgh Manufacturers Selling Spooky and Fall Jewelry | News | Pittsburgh


Von Kreep art

From spiked necklaces to jawed earrings, Von Kreep Art’s boutique screams Halloween. The boutique describes its jewelry as “everyday accessories for the weird and the unusual,” and the accessories definitely live up to that slogan.

Personalized Ally Jewelry

If you’re looking for a more subtle fall vibe, Ally’s Custom Jewelry is for you. Dark orange, green and brown stones decorate the bracelets and necklaces in this boutique and would complement any outfits you have planned for the pumpkin patch this fall.

Mod Evil

From moon pendants that will make werewolves howl to skull earrings, Mod Evil, “a neo-Gothic wonderland of fine texture and heavy metal,” offers ideal accessories for the spooky season.

Ornate alloys

The ornate alloys on Etsy really have it all: cicada earrings, Ouija earrings, and even spooky pronoun pins. Find everything you need to tailor your fall vibe, whatever it is.

Little weird earrings

If you are looking for Barbie doll limbs, rats or even monster dolls to hang from your earlobes, Weird Little Earrings is the place to shop.

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