GB Chamber of Commerce celebrates the 10th anniversary of the A440 Musical Instruments


Great Bend Chamber of Commerce staff and the Ambassador’s Club recently hosted a ribbon cutting commemorating the 10th anniversary of the A440 Musical Instruments. Lyle Jones, the store manager, wrote a mostly true and original song about the store owners, and how the store became a staple of the local Great Bend business as well as the only physical music store in the city. ‘State of Kansas to the west. by Hutchinson.

Like many small businesses, the A440 story began in a garage where future sheriff Brian Bellendir repaired instruments in his limited free time. The growing number of instruments to be repaired led to a conversation with friends Dan and Kim Heath, who shared a love for the arts, as evidenced by the volume of guitars Dan had collected over the years. A440 Musical Instruments Supply & Repair opened in a Forest Avenue store in 2011 with two couples interested in meeting a need in the community they served.

The business grew over the following years as suppliers were acquired. Schools and communities began to connect to the A440 and eventually the store moved to downtown Great Bend, where it currently resides at 1207 Main Street.

In 2018, Lyle Jones was hired as a Director, bringing a mix of retail experience, product knowledge, work ethic and exceptional customer service. He is often seen helping local organizations with their sound, volunteering and giving back to the community and schools.

Jones said he was excited about the next 10 years with the A440.

“Our business continues to grow, finding new ways to meet the needs of our customers with an ever-expanding product and service offering,” he said. “With myself, our team, consisting of Dan and Kim Heath, Brian and Carol Bellendir, Other Brian (he is an exceptional repairman), thank you for supporting us throughout our first decade and looking forward to serving you. for many decades to come. “

For more information on A440 musical instrument supply and repair, visit them at 1207 Main Street, Great Bend during normal store hours: Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Find them on Facebook or call the store at 620-796-2335.

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