Goodbye my darlings | Influencers drop travel agent who ‘duped’ vacationers

Moosa has deleted all of its social media accounts and its cell phone numbers are going straight to voicemail. Photo:


Influencers who worked with the fugitive Hello Darlings boss have distanced themselves from the company. CEO Tasneem Moosa has been exposed for apparently scamming his customers, with many of them still waiting for their refund.

Moosa has deleted all of its social media accounts and its cell phone numbers are going straight to voicemail.

Over 3,000 people have joined a Telegram group to share their experiences with Hello Darlings. Several confirmed that they had opened a criminal case with the police but were still waiting for a case number.

“We have a trip in two weeks and I nagged, literally nagged, for tickets and his response was, ‘We’re not running away,'” Twitter user Ammarah07 said.

Suhaifa Naidoo tweeted, “We had booked a trip for next week. It was an absolute shock.

Naidoo explained that she booked holidays with Hello Darlings “because her packages were incredibly affordable and I know a lot of people who have booked and taken her trips (including my mum). Everyone enjoyed it so much. No problems at all “.

Influencers are distancing themselves from Hello Darlings

Aqeelah Harron Ally, a digital content creator who worked with Hello Darlings, distanced herself from the company in a statement.

She had been offered a discounted trip in exchange for posting an ad about the Hello Darlings offer.

“To anyone who has been affected by the actions of Hello Darlings’ Tasneem Moosa, I can’t imagine the nightmare you are going through.” Ally said:

The events surrounding this incident are shocking and appalling, and I hope justice will be served.

Ally said she worked with Hello Darlings after seeing positive customer testimonials.

“As an influencer, I was offered a partially free trip last year [not financial compensation] as well as their promotional offers and shared my positive experiences with my followers. Prior to this deal my intention was to book and pay for the trip myself and therefore would have recommended it to my subscribers despite the experience.

“As soon as I heard that Hello Darlings customers were becoming increasingly frustrated with their service and had very bad experiences, I withdrew from any further relationship with them and ceased all promotion of their services. to my audience. I am so sorry to everyone who has been affected by this cruel behavior,” she said.

Business owner Aisha Baker shared Ally’s sentiments.

A close friend of Moosa said all attempts to reach the travel agent had failed and neither family nor friends could confirm her whereabouts.

How not to get scammed

Travel agent Mary Ndlovu said there are steps people can take to avoid being scammed.

  • Check if your travel agent is part of a travel regulatory body:

Accredited agents are affiliated with organizations such as the International Association of Travel Agents Network and the Association of Southern African Travel Agents.

Thoroughly research the experiences of their previous customers on social media as well as travel websites.

  • Authenticate their business:

It is important that travelers find out about the duration of activity of the travel agency. Ask several people to contact the agency asking the same questions.

  • Request an appointment at their offices to make the “payment”:

If they can provide a business bank account, then you verify it with the bank.

Find out as much as possible about the entrepreneur. You can do this by contacting them directly.

This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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