Here’s what you need to know before buying a 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista

There are quite a few amazing supercars on the market, but there aren’t many that have earned a reputation at the level of the Ferrari 488 Pista. In more ways than one, this car is exactly what car enthusiasts everywhere dream of. The 488 Pista is a lightning fast car, but it’s also one of the best looking supercars in recent memory.

The Ferrari 488 Pista is one of the variants of the Ferrari 488, which was produced from 2015 to 2019. The automaker unveiled the 488 Pista at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018. Subsequently, the automaker released the car for the 2019 model year and followed by one for 2020 before completing the production of the vehicle.

Although Ferrari only produced the 488 Pista for two model years, the car is fondly remembered by car enthusiasts. This car is rare, but a lucky few can find a 488 Pista on the used car market. Here’s what you need to know before buying a 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista.

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The 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista can accelerate from rest to 60 mph in under 3 seconds

Ferrari sees the 2020 Ferrari Pista as a sports car that delivers “the ultimate driving experience.” As such, the car has the most powerful V8 in Ferrari’s history under its hood. It’s a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a peak output of 711 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 568 lb-ft of torque. The compression ratio is 9.6:1. The transmission used on the 2020 Ferrari Pista is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, and it is a rear-wheel-drive car.

One of the most important things any enthusiast should know before buying a 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is that it’s faster than most people imagine. Of course, there are fast cars, but there is also this car that can accelerate from stays at 62 miles per hour in an astonishing 2.85 seconds, according to Ferrari. It can go from 0 to 200 km/h in the time it takes many vehicles to reach 100 km/h, just 7.6 seconds. The top speed of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is 211 miles per hour. These speed stats make the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista roughly equal to the McLaren 720 S in terms of speed.

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The interior of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista has more space than the average sports car

One of the downsides of buying a supercar is that it doesn’t have the most expansive interiors. That sentiment still holds true for the Ferrari 488 Pista, but you should also know that it’s one of the best in its class for interior space. It’s clear from looking inside this car that it was designed for performance, but the automaker also wanted to make it spacious and comfortable for both driver and passenger. This is achieved by giving the vehicle a modern race car cockpit without the unnecessary aspects to make the car look like it has more space.

The interior of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is mostly constructed from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and Alcantara. The automaker also saved space inside the car by removing the dashboard and replacing it with door pockets for storage. These changes help make the cockpit not only less cluttered, but also more functional.

The steering wheel of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista features many essential controls. However, overall the car doesn’t have a lot of tech inside. As usual with supercars, this is done to save space and to ensure the car is as light as possible. Most people don’t need a giant infotainment system when their car is as fast as this. So if you’re someone who wants all the bells and whistles in their vehicles, know that this Ferrari doesn’t have them. Despite the lack of gadgets to play with, this is still a technologically advanced vehicle from one of the top automakers.

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The 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is worth a pretty penny

The 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is still a relatively new car as of this writing (2022). However, a few are already on the used car market. According to duPont Registry, most of them cost a pretty penny and have few miles on the odometer. One of the most exciting options available is priced at $780,000 and has only done 696 miles. Another costs $564,000 and it has covered just under 6,000 miles in total. According to the website, the most expensive option for a 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is $874,999.

The 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is a great investment for anyone looking for a supercar made by one of the most successful automakers of all time. Not only is it as fast as some of the newer supercars on the market, but it also offers more space than most options. If such a hefty price tag for a non-classic vehicle isn’t an issue, the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista comes highly recommended, and it’s excellent for both roads and tracks.

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