Hot market and value collide when it comes to buying vehicles


NEW SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Have you recently tried to buy a car? Prices are on the rise and the choice is limited. It’s frustrating for buyers and resellers.

The desire of every driver is a shiny new car. Welsh Motors has a few new F-150s on its lot and a few new SUVs, but this could be the most trying time in the company’s 80-plus years.

“It’s really different right now with the shortage of vehicles. We travel further to get things, trying to find different ways to get vehicles, ”said general manager Josh Deesing.

Welsh Motors has sourced new vehicles from other Ford dealers across the country, none from the plant. They weren’t selling in places like Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida, so the Welsh got them to sell here.

“We are really trying to find all possible avenues to get new cars to fill our lot during the shortage,” Deesing said.

Ford encourages dealerships to take orders for new cars. Drivers can specify their vehicles, sign an order and a buyer agreement, then wait for their vehicle.

“Ford is prioritizing this order so we can have the vehicle here for you in a timely manner,” Deesing said. “A lot of customers see their dream car in 8 to 12 weeks.

Some dealerships have lots with more open space than ever before. This can be frustrating for drivers who need a vehicle. Some who have considered buying new are now turning to certified pre-owned or pre-owned vehicles. Deesing knows the used car market is hot. He’s seen sky-high prices in most auctions, but he can’t jump on these cars because he knows they can just stay on the lot.

“Trying to stock the lot with stocks but with the high prices, it still has to be good value for money, a good deal for the consumer. We just don’t see it right now with auction prices, ”Deesing said.

The situation is showing signs of easing, but it could take another year. For people who are ready for a new car now, Deesing is ready to help.

“If you are looking to trade in your car, there is no better time than now to trade in your vehicle,” he said.

If you have a lease and are about to surrender it, here’s a tip: the purchase price of the car is in the contract. Consider taking it and then selling it. There is a good chance that you will get more money.

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