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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have joined forces for Rally Hell

There are bad dreams, there are full-blown nightmares, and then there’s what happened Friday night at a ballroom at The Villages, a retirement community in Florida: a gathering led by the Right-wing provocateurs, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL). The two have joined forces to start what they call an America First Rally Series because why make America great again when you can just do 2016 again? And while The Villages isn’t in Gaetz District or Greene State, these two hope to win over former President Donald Trump’s loyalists in their ongoing battle for control of the Republican Party. “I just need to check something: I just want to make sure I’m in the right place,” Greene shouted at the mostly unmasked voters. “Tell me who is your president?” “Donald Trump!” the crowd shouted back. “He’s also my president,” Greene replied, to the delight of those in attendance. Last year, 60% of voters living in villages voted for Trump, making the location a prime location for Greene and Gaetz’s Make America 2016 Again launch rally. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), who has been firmly anti-Trump as the majority of her party crawls past the former president and reality TV host, has been among the couple’s most laudable targets. House Republicans are expected to vote on impeaching Cheney, who is the third House Republican, from her leadership role as early as Wednesday in response to her vote to impeach Trump and denounce the party’s decision to perpetuate the ‘big lie’ – that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Trump. (Hint: it wasn’t.) “If Liz Cheney could even find Wyoming on a map and get there, she would find a lot of very angry cowboys not happy,” Gaetz said. during the rally. “She’s sort of for every war: the war in Syria – for that. War against Trump and his supporters – for this. War against the Republican Conference; war against his own constituents. The audacity to confuse a civil war in Syria which to date has resulted in the deaths of at least 380,000 civilians in the decision to hold a president responsible for inciting a violent coup to the side, Gaetz and Greene appearing on stage together is arguably one of the more disturbing recent GOP moments. Greene, who subscribes to QAnon’s “saving the children” conspiracy theories, apparently finds no fault with being around a man currently under federal investigation for trafficking underage girls across state lines. Greene also doesn’t seem to care about corroborated reports that Gaetz showed other people in Congress nude photos and videos of women he claims to have slept with. Then again, Gaetz previously claimed to be “proud” to be in Greene’s corner, although she said she thought the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a hoax, that the mass shootings in Parkland had been. organized and that the forest fires in California were started by Jewish space lasers. “Marjorie Taylor Greene and I work in Washington, but we are not from Washington, and I have to honestly tell you that the leaders of the two parties in Washington, DC, do not work for America first,” Gaetz said. during the rally. And while Gaetz and Greene standing side by side on stage, pontificating about the importance of shifting the Republican Party to a Trump-focused agenda, is truly a nightmare affair, the only thing scarier than the Gaetz-Greene rallies. is the idea that they will succeed in bringing more people to their side: the villages are only their first stop. If the GOP remains full of Trump-style politicians: happy to ignore science and ready to defend white supremacy. Like what you see? How about a little more R29 goodness, here? Why would AOC ever debate Marjorie Taylor Greene? The Matt Gaetz scandal, explained Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to reward the police

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