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One of the mysteries of the Hunter Biden affair is how the president’s son, with no obvious sources of income, manages to maintain a grandiose lifestyle. For about a year, he’s been living in a $20,000-a-month rental house in Malibu, California.

(Taxpayers foot the Secret Service bill to pay even more, $30,000 a month, to rent the house next door while protecting Hunter.) Young Biden also likes nice cars; a photo from 2020 showed him arriving for lunch at the Waldorf Astoria in a Porsche Panamera GTS, which costs six figures. Federal prosecutors are also reportedly looking into his purchase of another six-figure car, a Fisker electric sports car.

Where does all this money come from? Biden, who by his own description was in the past a notorious drug addict who threw money right and left, does he have big investments that keep him in such a life, even if he hire expensive lawyers to represent him in a federal tax and influence probe? Are his corrupt benefactors in Ukraine, China or elsewhere still helping him? Has he sold so many paintings – in the context of confidential transactions, of course – that he is rolling in the dough? What’s the story?

Now we have new clues. New reports from the New York Post and CBS News said a “very powerful Hollywood lawyer”, a man named Kevin Morris, paid Biden’s back taxes and monthly bills. Morris, according to the Post, “earned a fortune representing the co-creators of ‘South Park’ and won a Tony Award as co-producer of ‘The Book of Mormon'”.

That’s a lot of money. The Post reports that the back taxes Morris paid for Biden amount to $2 million, “more than double what was previously reported.” Morris, who is known to Biden’s friends as Hunter’s “sugar brother,” also reportedly paid Biden’s “rent and living expenses.” [and] also advised the president’s son on how to structure his art sales.

If any Biden allies choose to defend him, seek them out to attack the New York Post. Remember they denounced the Post when it published the original Biden laptop story. It turned out that the defenders were wrong and the Post was right. Now another news agency, CBS, is also reporting on the Morris connection. The network ran its story this way: “Hunter Biden has secured the quiet backing and financial backing of a high-profile Hollywood attorney pending the outcome of a long-running federal investigation into his taxes and finances by US attorney from Delaware, multiple sources told CBS News.

CBS reported that Morris had “paid Hunter Biden’s outstanding tax debts.” And he said Morris “has been operating behind the scenes and has been focused in recent weeks on completing a forensic analysis and investigation into what happened to Hunter Biden’s laptop – including how the device became public, according to sources close to his efforts.”

It’s a fascinating tidbit, as it indicates that Biden might be planning some kind of PR campaign challenging the laptop’s legitimacy — much like his advocates did ahead of the 2020 election. At the time, when some major news organizations downplayed the news, social media giants deleted it and national security “experts” denounced it as “Russian disinformation.” But in the years that followed, The New York Times and The Washington Post authenticated the information from the laptop. It will be difficult to play the Russian disinformation card again.

Anyone reading the news stories about Morris paying Biden’s back taxes and spending will have to ask themselves: Is it legal? It’s unclear. CBS reported that Morris “is working on a documentary chronicling the life of Hunter Biden since he was the subject of conservative television commentators and investigated by congressional Republicans.” Maybe the financial arrangement between Morris and Biden has something to do with it.

Perhaps Biden sold the rights to his life story to Morris, and the deal includes Morris keeping Biden afloat — yet another way for him to cash in on his family’s name. Either way, whatever is being done is being done under the noses of federal prosecutors, who are investigating whether Biden properly paid taxes on the millions he received by swapping surnames with men. shady foreign affairs.

But always remember this. The big story – the bigger story – behind the laptop is President Joe Biden. Yes, Hunter Biden used his family connections and raised millions of dollars from disreputable foreign operators. But there remains the president’s most important question. What did he know of his son’s business? And did he take advantage of it?

President Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about his son’s surgery, even as evidence mounts to suggest he must have known. And what about the references in the communications on the laptop that indicate that Hunter Biden, when making large payments overseas, covered some of his father’s expenses? And then what about the reports that Joe Biden, in return, paid up to $800,000 of Hunter Biden’s expenses during the presidential campaign?

Clearly, there is more to learn. At some point, the U.S. attorney in Delaware will decide whether or not to indict Hunter Biden. When that happens, we’ll learn more, but not everything, about the story. We could find out even more if Republicans win the House or the Senate, or both, in this year’s midterm elections. If they do, you can bet there will be plenty of GOP Hunter Biden investigations. But no matter who makes them, the point remains: the public needs to know more about the financial dealings of Joe Biden and his son, however that may be accomplished.

(Byron York is chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner.)

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