“I know you hear me”

This comedian made a video illustrating children’s selective hearing, and viewers can totally relate!

TikTokers Shaun and Nicole Johnson (@johnsonfiles) are a husband and wife comedian duo who have amassed over 250,000 users for their fun content. One of their videos parodies children’s “selective hearing”, and it’s hilarious.

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The clip begins with Shaun as a mom, wearing a blonde wig, orange cardigan and sane wallet, walking through the front door with bags of groceries.

“Kids, come help me with my shopping,” Shaun shouts as the words “Kids only hear what they want to hear” appear on screen. “Hello? Kids?” Shaun calls again before rolling his eyes and walking away.

Then the clip cuts to a shot of Shaun in the kitchen. “Kids, come set the table,” Shaun yells, slung a tea towel over his shoulder.

“I know you can hear me…” he announces before the sequence quickly cuts to Shaun dramatically pretending to fall to the ground.

“Ouch! I really hurt myself. I fell,” he shouts, slapping the ground with his hands to emphasize the magnitude of the fall.

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“Can someone hear me and help me?” he asks. “Seriously? What if it was real? Unbelievable,” Shaun said shaking his head before getting up off the ground.

In the next shot, Shaun takes a seat at the dining room table. “Ughh, time to unload,” he sighs, about to open a bag of crisps.

A slow-motion close-up shows Shaun opening the bag of chips, causing the sound to echo throughout the house.

The clip then cuts to a shot of Shaun as a kid upstairs. The sound of chips catches his attention and he looks up from his video game.

The video ends with mom Shaun enjoying the fries before kid Shaun jumps out from under the table to ask, “What is this? Can I have some?”

“Oh, WHAT did you hear?” mom Shaun is joking.

The relatability of the video struck a chord with viewers.

“I remember coughing to drown out the sound of the Cola tab popping,” one parent recalled.

“It literally happened to me! My toddler son ran across the house saying, “What’s that chipping noise?” another parent said.

“Every time I open a bag of something, I know I’ll have visitors soon,” said one TikToker.

Whether you have kids or roommates, you’ll likely see similarities in your living situation in this clip.

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