Inside Dancing With Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa’s business empire

Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa has wisely used her fame to build a multi-million dollar business empire.

Jojo Siwa debuted on the reality show dance moms with his mother. Right now, she sings and dances, has two YouTube channels, and has a multi-million business empire. Jojo Siwa currently has an estimated net worth of $14 million and she has managed to build a massive business empire that brings in millions every year. Siwa doesn’t want to be among the reality stars that come and go and that inspired her to dream bigger than just cashing in on the reality show. Take a look at how Jojo Siwa managed to earn millions outside of his stint on the dance moms.

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Early life and early career in television

Joelle Joanie Siwa was born on May 19, 2003 in Omaha, Nebraska. Her mother is professional dance instructor Jessalynn from Iowa and her father is chiropractor Tom Siwa from Nebraska. She has only one brother named Jayden who is also famous as an influencer and vlogger. Jojo Siwa first rose to fame when she entered the top five finalists in the second season of dance moms Abby Lee Miller’s Ultimate Dance Contest. At the time, Jojo was the youngest contestant on the show and entered the dance competition with her mother.

From an early age, Jojo already had a vision of what she wanted to do and accomplish. She dreamed big and imagined herself becoming more than just a reality TV star. Jojo appeared on two seasons of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, she was selected to be part of the show in early 2015. The following year Jojo then released her single Boomerang to download with his previous single titled I can make you dance. Boomerang became a huge hit as many teenagers can relate to the song as it tackles the topic of online bullying. The song’s music video received around 900 million views and around 2.5 million likes. Thanks to these achievements, she was named Breakout Artist of the Year by the Vivid Seats in 2018.

Formation of his business empire in partnership with Nickelodeon

During her time with the Ultimate Dance Competition, she met her current manager, Caryn Sterling. Sterling shared the same vision as hers and sued Siwa to partner with her. Sterling wanted Siwa to do something for her jewelry line because she knew Siwas was an influencer. Sterling flew to Vegas just to meet Siwa and seal the deal with her. It was Sterling who made her dream an even bigger goal, she said whatever Siwa wanted, she could get for her. With these business ideas in mind, Sterling and Siwa wanted to partner on a business venture. Siwa wanted to sign with Nickelodeon because she strongly believes in the power of the brand among teenagers.

From the age of 13, Jojo already signed a deal with Nickelodeon and immediately became directly involved in all of its business dealings. Nickelodeon wanted to meet with them to discuss a huge business opportunity, but according to Forbes, Nickelodeon wanted to do it alone without Jojo. Jojo Siwa and her mother dismissed the idea and said that was not the way to do it and they had to do it together as they have been since day one. The partnership between Siwa and Nickelodeon proved to be a lucrative business deal.

The massive commercial success of Jojo Siwa

As soon as their t-shirt was launched, it became a huge hit and decided to add hundreds of products to their merchandise. With the support of Siwa’s global team, her brand has had no problem growing globally. Along with Nickelodeon’s global base, the company’s 500 employees supported the Siwa brand. Siwa admitted that she cannot attend all of her brand’s meetings because she cannot be present at all of the meetings that are happening at the same time, many meetings are all happening at the same time. With that in mind, she knows her time is valuable, and for that reason she decided to focus her attention on their brand’s biggest sellers, Jojo Toys, Accessories, Clothing and Bedding.

Shoes are among their biggest sellers and Wal Mart placed its biggest buy with an order for one million pairs of Jojo shoes. Apart from the shoes, her signature bow is also a huge hit with her fans. Since they started selling the bows, they have already sold around 80 million bows which has generated around $400 million in sales for his brand. Siwa believes her brand’s huge success can be attributed to her social media accounts. She is very active on YouTube and continues to produce as much content as possible to stop the clamor from dying out. Although the business has already made her billions of money, she doesn’t want to stop there, she wants to do more. At the moment, she has a lot of projects in mind.

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