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If you are a BUYER purchasing a property served by an On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS):

1. Check the permit file and approved use of the system to ensure it matches the actual conditions of the property; the number of bedrooms indicated on the permit and any other ancillary connections (garages, barns, stores, secondary suites, etc.) must match how the property is listed for sale. Permit records can be obtained using the property search tool on the County Assessor page.

Permits were first required in Larimer County in 1973, although older permits exist. Homes built before 1973 may be serviced by unauthorized systems that will still need to be inspected. A permit is not required for a property to receive an acceptance document, provided the system is functioning properly.

2. Determine if the OWTS serving the property requires inspection and acceptance document prior to sale. There are several exceptions to the transfer of ownership requirements. If any of the items listed in a.-e. below apply, the OWTS does not require an acceptance document;

a. The system received final approval within three years from the date of the request for an acceptance document;
b. The change of ownership is not an arm’s length transaction where a buyer and seller act in their own interests (transfers between family members, estate transactions, foreclosures, etc.)
vs. The change of ownership creates or terminates a condominium as long as one person is the original owner and / or the spouse, parent or child of an original owner.
re. The transfer is made to a trust or limited liability company of which the original owner is a member.
e. The transfer results from a seizure or confiscation. However, the subsequent transfer of the foreclosure entity requires inspection and an acceptance document.

3. If the system requires inspection and an acceptance document, request a copy from the owner.
4. If the inspection finds that the system is not functioning in an acceptable manner and requires repair, there are several options;

a. Owner Makes Repairs – The owner of the property obtains a repair permit and completes the work necessary to repair the system by the closing date.
b. Repair Agreement – If the OWTS does not meet the requirements for issuing a transfer of ownership acceptance document, the person acquiring title may agree in writing to take responsibility for obtaining a license to repair or modification and make any necessary repairs. within 180 days of closing.

5. If an inspection cannot be completed prior to closing due to a snowpack, lack of access, frozen ground, etc., you can still legally purchase the property if you agree in writing to ” take responsibility for having the inspection carried out when conditions permit. and be responsible for all identified gaps. A conditional transfer of title acceptance document may be issued if the person acquiring title agrees in writing that the inspection be completed when conditions permit and, if necessary, obtain a repair or repair permit. modification within 180 days of inspection.

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