Ipswich’s Stop Press newsagents to have their license revised


Fears over anti-social behavior caused by selling super strong alcohol to drunks have prompted police to seek a review of an Ipswich newsagent’s license.

However, Stop Press Newsagents and Grocery Store claimed that the police did not cooperate in their dealings with the store and that the staff tried to follow their advice.

The Suffolk Police Licensing Team said it had applied for the Upper Brook Street store’s license review “following recent events and the ongoing sale of alcohol to drunk people “.

Officers also claimed there was “other suspected criminal activity on the premises” and said their attention was first drawn to the store because it “allegedly sold super strong alcohol to drinkers on a regular basis. of street”.

However, owner Ali Reza Zarei said he believes Stop Press is being unfairly harassed by police as other stores sell similar products.

Police said the sale of ultra-strong alcohol “caused serious problems of prolonged anti-social behavior in the area.”

However, Mr Zarei said it was unfair to blame issues of anti-social behavior in the region exclusively on Stop Press.

The store is currently licensed to sell alcohol between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Mr Zarei said he was happy to work with the police to resolve the issues – but said: “I just want them to be fair.”

Ahead of a meeting of the Ipswich Borough Council Licensing and Regulatory Subcommittee on Monday, June 14, police documented a series of incidents in which they said they removed super strong alcohol from drinkers of street.

On one occasion, on September 28 last year, police said they took cans of hard liquor from street drinkers – only to “then see the same street drinkers walk into Stop Press and buy more. ultra-strong alcohol ”.

They also listed two occasions in 2020 where they say under-18s were sold alcohol and claim Stop Press failed to meet its license’s CCTV requirements.

“Super strong alcohol sales cause a large amount of BSA to be felt in the region, such as law and order, nuisance, drunkenness, begging, violence and breaches of Covid regulations,” said the police report to the Licensing and Regulatory Subcommittee. .

The report accused “irresponsible management” of “failing to protect the public and local residents from crime and anti-social behavior” – and said neighboring businesses “suffer a disproportionate and unreasonable amount of anti-social behavior”.

Public Health Suffolk also said it had “serious concerns about the continuation of the alcohol sale element of this license and would therefore support Suffolk Police’s request to consider revocation of the license to exploitation “.

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