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(WSVN) – He bought a used car, which he thought was in good condition. Then he found out that one thing was missing – the airbags – and the salesperson failed to mention it. Is It Legal To Sell A Car Without Airbags In Florida? Let’s find out from Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Every entrepreneur sees a need and then has an idea.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I decided to go it alone and started a mobile car wash business.

Jean had the trailer. All he needed was a way to plug it in and carry it.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I cannot render a service if I cannot reach you.

He then went to a small second-hand parking lot and found what he was looking for.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I thought the car was a great car. I thought it was a good price. I thought I couldn’t beat him.

The new businessman paid the deposit, hooked up his trailer and got to work, breaking his butt.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “We washed, I think, in one day, probably a dozen cars. For someone as small as me to work so much, it’s really cool.

His 2018 work car was also used as a family car.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I put my family in the car. I had my little brother’s binoculars in the car.

Everything was fine… until the power steering froze and Jean took her to a repair shop.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “They tell me: ‘It’s $ 3,000 to repair the power steering, and oh yes, you don’t have airbags. There are no airbags in the car. You drove the car without airbags.

When Jean bought the car, the airbag light was on and the salesperson never told him that the car did not have an airbag.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I would not buy any car that does not have airbags.

Finding out that he was taking his family in a car without airbags shook Jean.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “We could have died, so the question would be: can a used car dealer sell me a car without airbags? I think the answer is no. “

Jean thinks it is illegal to sell a car without airbags. What does the law think, Howard?

Howard Finkelstein, Legal Expert for 7News: “In some states it is illegal to sell a car without an airbag without disclosing it, but not in Florida. Here it is legal not to disclose that the car does not have airbags. However, if the customer asks for it, the seller must admit it. If they’re lying, then that’s misleading, and you get your money back, but in John’s case, he didn’t ask. Therefore, the dealer does not have to return his money.

The dealership didn’t speak to us, but we checked the Carfax website and saw this. Bad news: An airbag deployment has been reported, which means the car was likely to have been in an accident.

While some dealers will replace the airbags, most will not.

Howard Finkelstein: “It’s legal to drive a car in Florida without airbags, but it’s not safe. If you are about to purchase a vehicle or have purchased one, to determine if it has been in an accident and the airbags have deployed, be sure to check this website at under this Help Me Howard story.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “So, at the moment, I have just lent cars, doing everything in my power to stay afloat. “

Right now, Jean uses his father’s truck to stay in business, while a car he always pays for stays there while he saves money to buy airbags.

Jean R. Jean-Baptiste: “I am doing everything in my power to prevent this from happening to someone else.

It’s been said all too often on Help Me Howard: legally they can do it, but morally it’s wrong to do what the dealer did to Jean.

In addition to checking the link below to see if the used car has been in a crash and the airbags deployed, make sure you get a warranty when you buy it to protect yourself. Never buy a car as is, because if something goes wrong you are out of luck.

Do you meet someone who is a real airbag? Need to deploy someone to check them out? Contact us. It’s no coincidence that we get things done, because we love to bond and help.

Carfax airbag safety check

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