John Schickel: Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Should Reconsider Support for Cash Bond Reform

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce recently released its legislative priorities. The cash bond is something that locally elected judges can use to keep someone in jail who they believe poses a risk to the community. It is also used to secure court appearances. Kentucky Chamber of Commerce calls for reforms to the cash bond system.

This bailout policy experiment has been implemented in Illinois, New York, California, and Portland, Oregon, which are Democratic-controlled states and city. The results? Catastrophic. Crime has reached historic proportions in these regions. Given the record number of homicides in Louisville, where small businesses are still barricaded due to riots last summer. We have to ask ourselves, what are the supporters of this political initiative thinking?

Senator John Schickel

Does the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce have a small business program or a social program? This is a question some business owners in our district are asking themselves, and it is their businesses that the organization’s vision and mission statements claim to support.

Many small business owners in Boone County – which has one of the highest labor market participation rates in the state – share this sentiment regarding the legislative priorities of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. If the organization is to ‘provide bold leadership’ and be a ‘major catalyst, consensus generator and advocate for economic growth and expansion of the business community’, it may need to reconsider legislation. on which she will put her energy during the next session. of the Kentucky General Assembly.

As we have seen before in states that have attacked the cash bond system – some eliminating it altogether – this legislative priority runs counter to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s mission to “create a dynamic business climate ”and its efforts to“ bring value to its members. . “

According to the US Small Business Administration, small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, making up 99.9% of all businesses. Mom-and-pop stores cannot function in a lawless society or at least not in a society that is lenient towards criminal activity. Small businesses can’t afford the same losses that big chains can afford to ignore.

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce claims to represent the business community. To be fair, he has done a great job in the past on workers’ compensation insurance, among other political efforts. However, on this issue it is wrong. Bail reform will only work against the best interests of small businesses. The organization pursues a social program, not a business program. I hope the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce will come to its senses and care less about being politically correct and more about truly representing the members who need it more than ever.

Senator John Schickel (R-Union) represents the 11th Senate District of Kentucky in Boone County. He is co-chair of the Interim Joint Committee on Licensing, Professions and By-laws. He is also a member of the Interim Joint Committees on Banking and Insurance, Justice, Natural Resources and Energy, and is a Liaison Member of the Budget Review Sub-Committee on Justice and Justice.

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