Kayla Cardona on Tyler Stanaland, “I felt the reciprocity from him flirting with me”

Netflix reality show Sell ​​CO made a lot of noise. Several real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group are to sell properties in Orange County. However, the series turns into a dirty, bitchy, dramatic reality show with lots of fights, controversies, and backstabbing. Competitors like Kayla Cardona, Polly Brindle, Alex Hall, Tyler Stanaland, Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose became the center of attention.

In the show, Kayla tries to kiss Tyler, a married man, after getting drunk at a party. When Tyler tells Polly and Alex everything, the two ladies have extreme reactions. Polly takes Kayla’s action personally saying how her marriage was ruined because of a third party. Now Kayla has reacted to the drama between Tyler and her and shares her side.

In a video shared by Sell ​​CO Instagram page, Kayla sets the record straight and says, “So obviously get us all together and you put us in an environment where you have fun and the drinks are involved. You know, one thing leads to another. We all become very flirtatious with each other.

Kayla adds, “Me being a single woman, you know, I felt a kind of reciprocity from Tyler flirting with me. People don’t know me yet and they don’t understand my humor. And so when I Say something like “Oh, no one should know”, it’s not me from a place where oh, no one should know. It’s more like no one should know. Like, I’m just funny Nothing would ever happen.

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Kayla reacts indirectly to Alex and Polly’s reactions when Tyler tells them about the attempted kiss. Cardona says, “My thoughts on my colleagues’ response to the whole Tyler situation. I think they reacted from a place of guilt, and they wanted to put all the pressure on me because they know they themselves are guilty. I didn’t do half the shit they did. And I’m also talking about off-screen. So me and Tyler, we’re great. We passed it, we finished. Hopefully they will eventually move on. But who knows?”

Here’s The OC’s Kayla Cardona Sale That Sets The Records Straight

We wonder what Alex and Polly have to say about Kayla’s statements.

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