Make money for the state by selling the governor’s mansion; oil companies are cheating Americans; how does a country like America run out of baby formula? – Chicago Tribune

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Hard to believe: You must be wondering how the greatest economy known to man, with advances in mass production that are the envy of the rest of the world, could ever run out of baby formula? Worse still, having to rely on Switzerland (where the cuckoo clock remains their greatest technological achievement) for vital supplies. Oh, how the mighty have descended!

The truth will say: On June 9, we will be able to see on live television the congressional committee hearings revealing the details of the January 6 coup attempt. Why are some of the Republicans who also ran like dogs to avert the coup now acting as if it never happened or diminishing its severity? It is simply disgusting!

Inflated gas prices: Oil executives profit while American consumers suffer. Price gouging, greed, isn’t that a crime? The five largest oil companies reported profits of $3.5 billion for the first quarter of 2022. Wake up, America. It’s the oil companies, not Biden.

Ineffective Congress: How much longer can we afford Democrats? A better question is, how much longer can we afford an ineffective Congress? If we don’t start electing people willing to work for the good of all in our country, the lack of infant formula will be seen as a small problem compared to future problems. We don’t need more zero-character people like Donald Trump and his minions. We need people willing to try to reunite our country.

Sell ​​the mansion: I have an idea to help pay off some of Illinois’ massive $317 billion retirement debt. How about selling the Governor’s Mansion? In 2018, when Bruce Rauner was governor, his wife, Diana, led a privately funded $15 million renovation that fixed a mold problem, installed a kitchen, repaired the roof and fixed other interior issues. and major exteriors. In 2019, the restored house won a prestigious environmental award. With these excellent references, there must be a real estate agent who would grab this listing in a minute!

Workers needed: What happened to jobs that required physical strength and agility? Today, if you don’t know computers, you can’t pass the job test. We don’t need brain surgeons, we need men who can do physical work. Today we have people posing as firefighters, policemen and construction workers.

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