McAllen Chamber of Commerce Innovation Fellowships 2022

2021 Innovation Fellowship winner Lupita Salazar and her husband are presented by Chamber of Commerce Board Chair McAllen with their plaque of recognition. Courtesy Image
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The McAllen Chamber of Commerce Innovation Fellowships are an exceptional opportunity to encourage product innovation and business creation in the McAllen area. Past winners have been able to take their idea from the drawing board to the marketplace with the support of this grant. The McAllen Chamber provides $50,000 in Innovator Grants each year, enabling these trailblazers to take their groundbreaking ideas to reality. The McAllen Innovation Grant Awards is a competition and prizes will be awarded based on potentially viable ideas and best submissions.

An applicant may request up to $10,000 to establish, expand, develop or advance a new product/service idea. The new idea should have the potential to bring new money into the local economy. Grants may be used for any of the following: 1) evaluation of a new product; 2) assessment of market potential; 3) primary or secondary research; 4) product development; 5) verification or performance test; 6) test marketing; 7) patent search; 8) acquisition of intellectual property rights; 9) concept development; and 10) other activities deemed appropriate by the review committee.

The McAllen Innovation Grant Awards are a grant, not a loan, and do not need to be repaid. The McAllen Chamber will advance funds as progress requires. Application guidelines for the grant are currently available on the McAllen Chamber of Commerce website at The application deadline is July 29and2022. For questions about the grant, please visit or contact Jorge Sanchez at 956-682-2871 or [email protected]

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