Meat factories hit by cyber attack: Experts urge people not to panic to buy


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The world’s largest meat supplier claims it suffered a cyberattack that caused delays for some customers in North America.

JBS USA announced on Monday that it was the victim of an organized cybersecurity attack, affecting the servers supporting its North American and Australian computer systems.

While the company and Pilgrim’s have said they have made significant progress in addressing the issue, people are concerned it could lead to panic buying.

According to JBS, the attack could delay some transactions with customers and suppliers, but the vast majority of their factories will be operational by Wednesday.

The company said it was not aware of any compromised data and was still able to send shipments from almost any facility to supply its customers on Tuesday.

Florida Center for Cyber ​​Security director of personnel Dr. Ron Sanders told 8 On Your Side that people don’t have to panic to buy, like they did at gas pumps in May. .

Last month, Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency after a major U.S. fuel pipeline operator was the target of a cyber attack.

“Could there be an assessment of prices and shortages yes, but I think that’s largely imagined, not real,” Sanders said. “If I were that mom and dad at home, I wouldn’t go out to buy meat, what I would do would be take a look at my home’s cybersecurity measures. Am I on a private network, are my passwords protected, have I protected myself against data theft? “

Sanders says that while we should all be concerned about cybersecurity, we also need to be more vigilant and resilient.

“If I were a mom and dad at home, I would worry more about general cyber hygiene than meat shortages,” Sanders added. “It’s not about whether we’re going to be attacked, we know we will be. It is about whether we are doing everything we can to prevent it or mitigate it to the point that it does not disrupt our daily lives.

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