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Brian Neben Lexington Clipper-Herald

COZAD – The Cozad Area Chamber of Commerce recently hired a new Executive Director and she looks forward to helping the organization grow and attracting people to the 100th Meridian community.

Chantelle Krepcik is originally from rural Gothenburg, she was raised and schooled in the community. She then continued her studies at Creighton University, Mid-Plains Community College and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

She was a dental assistant for 10 years before becoming an optician, a person qualified to make and supply eyeglasses or contact lenses, for 20 years and served Gothenburg, Cozad and North Platte.

Although she grew up in Gothenburg, she is no stranger to Cozad, she noted that her grandmother lived in the city and often visited her.

Krepcik said she was approached about the Cozad Chamber position and asked if she was interested. After learning about the responsibilities involved, she thought about it and accepted the offer to become general manager. She took office on July 14.

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The Cozad Chamber of Commerce had been without a manager for some time, and Krepcik said there was some rebuilding to do, but she said she likes a challenge.

When asked why she personally accepted the position, Krepcik said that she enjoys working with people, as well as organizing and hosting different events.

Krepcik said if there was one thing she wanted people to know about her; it’s that she loves creativity and she’s a punctuality freak

“If I’m ten minutes early, I think I’m late,” Krepcik joked.

Krepcik said a few of the Cozad Chamber’s goals are to attract more agricultural businesses to membership while supporting retail and commercial businesses.

The Chamber also plans to expand its events, adding new ones and expanding existing ones like “Spook Night” in October and “Small Business Saturday” in November. Some events in the near future are “Hay Days” and “Music Mondays”.

Krepcik said his long-term goal for the Chamber is to expand the membership base, adding as many businesses as possible.

Reflecting on the 100th Meridian community, Krepcik said Cozad has a strong downtown with several types of stores, boutiques, entertainment and other offerings.

She said that’s a strength as some people turn away from department stores or online shopping for the “small town” experience and unique deals. Krepcik said Cozad is able to deliver that kind of experience.

The Cozad Chamber offices are located at 209 W. 8th St. and are open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For those who wish to follow the Chamber’s activities, the best place to do so is on their Facebook page, Krepcik said.

An after-hours celebration was held to welcome Krepcik on Aug. 12 to the House. “She is beyond excited to start creative and fun events for our community and help get the chamber office back on track,” Cozad Chamber said.

Krepcik currently resides southwest of Gothenburg with her husband, Neil, they have been married for 41 years, they cultivate and raise cattle on their farm.

They have three adult daughters, Necole, Lyndee and Brittany.

Necole resides in Brady with her husband, Jeff, and their four boys; she is an insurance agent and co-owner of the Old Depot Winery, south of Brady, which uses the old Gothenburg depot.

Lyndee lives with her husband Brandon and their three children on a farm between Gothenburg and Cozad. She is a middle school counselor and will be joining Cozad Community School this fall.

Brittany lives in Gothenburg with her husband, Andy, and their three children; she is principal of Callaway Public School.

“I’m very excited to begin my journey with the Cozad Chamber of Commerce,” said Krepcik, “I love how our communities are involved and I look forward to being part of the team.”

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