Members of the Assembly responsible for helping citizens assess government policies

Members of the Assembly were tasked with helping citizens understand the government’s various policies, programs and social interventions, including purchasing and spending.

As members of the assembly who were always in contact with the population, they must understand and appreciate the policies, programs and interventions of the government to enable the communities to support the government in their implementation.

Samuel Okoe Amanquah, the head of the municipal executive of Kpone-Katamanso, instructed the assembly members at a workshop organized by the municipal assembly of Kpone-Katamanso in Atimpoku in the eastern region.

He noted that assembly members as representatives of diverse communities needed knowledge about government policies, programs and social interventions in order for their people to appreciate and help assemblies perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. efficient.

“Members of the Assembly should also be familiar with the code of ethics, rules and regulations that govern the operations of the Assembly to bring socio-economic development to communities and improve livelihoods,” said Mr. Amanquah.

Coleman Gyandor, facilitator of Boundless Consulting Group, challenged them to study the Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) and understand the financial operations of the Assembly.

“Members of the Assembly should understand the GIFMIS, which has been deployed to address financial failures in various government institutions, can review and certify payment claims for the provision of goods and services under the GIFMIS system if you understand how the system works.

“GIFMIS is an electronic platform used by the government to manage the commitments made against credits and payments, which allows the central government to deal with certain failures that normally occur during transaction processes, and to help improve government budget estimates, financial management and reporting processes which you need to be aware of to ensure probity, transparency and accountability in your transactions, ”Gyandor stressed.

Joseph Kwesi Gbeze, presiding member of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly, expressed his gratitude to the assembly members for attending the workshop and called on them to ask relevant questions to assist them in the exercise of their functions.

He observed that it was important for members of the assembly to establish good relations with the electorates to strengthen their capacity to create good relations with the people they served, to enable them to appreciate their challenges and problems in the exercise of their functions. -GNA

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