Modern Selling: 20 Resolution Ideas for Salespeople

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It’s New Years Resolutions season, so I was inspired to create the following 20 ideas for sellers. Pick a maximum of five and do them – it really is that easy.

1. Prospect at least an hour a week. Give yourself a break during vacation and vacation weeks, but every two weeks. Each. If you’re overwhelmed, I totally understand – but prospect anyway. If you can do everything else in 40 hours, then you can definitely do it in 39 hours. If you are not prospecting properly, pay close attention to the following recommendation.

2. Conduct a minimum of two hours of sales training per month. I want to say real coaching. Reading a book is learning, not training. If you are looking for training, check out (use Security company as promo code to receive 10% lifetime discount).

3. Arrive at least five minutes early for appointments. You will be amazed at how much better your dates will go and how much time is saved by planning to be early for all appointments, including internal meetings.

4. Call a client before 9 am every day and simply thank them for their work. Do this for six straight weeks and those calls will become the best part of your week.

5. Update your pipeline weekly. Do it every week. It’s like exercising – it’s only painful if you don’t do it regularly.

6. Avoid negative people. Selling is a tough career, but it’s also an amazing career if you surround yourself with positive people. Minimize (or remove) negative people from your life.

7. Bring unsolicited ideas to your best clients. Anyone can meet a demand, but only the big guys bring ideas to their customers.

8. Switch off your phone during each meeting. And put it in your bag. If you need to take photos, make sure it’s in airplane mode.

9. Take your boss to the field more often. You will be amazed at how grateful and helpful they can be when you bring them to the field in front of real opportunities.

10. Call hotlines. No one calls the direct telephone lines anymore; however, the decision-makers are back in their desks and alone. They are more likely than ever to answer their direct line.

11. Clean your inbox daily. Since emails are constantly coming in, my rule is to clean up all emails that arrive before 5:00 p.m. and catch up with others tomorrow. You will feel 20 pounds lighter after doing this.

12. Read six books that will help you become better at your job. It’s a book every two months – a very reasonable and valuable resolution.

13. Speak at events. Whenever possible, speak in public and help build your reputation as a subject matter expert.

14. Volunteer in a professional association. The people involved get more out of membership than those who just participate.

15. Prepare for every date. Combine this idea with five minutes early.

16. Send an agenda in advance for each sales call. Some people will discredit you before they even start if you don’t provide an agenda.

17. Send debriefing emails within 24 hours of sales calls. List the actions to be taken, express your appreciation, and ask, “Is this action plan right for everyone?” “

18. Give your boss a break. Managing sales is hard work. Appreciate how stressful their position can be and your relationship will flourish.

19. Make cold calls in person. Others do the virtual thing because it’s more comfortable, and they have a built-in excuse. Get out.

20. Live a healthy lifestyle. I left this one for last because every salesperson needs to lead a healthy lifestyle to maximize their success. Exercise a few times a week, eat less and better, sleep well, drink less alcohol, don’t smoke, walk a few times a day at the office… just do the things you know are smart choices. Not 100% of the time but doing better than last year.

Chris Peterson is the Founder and President of Vector Firm (, a sales consulting and training company specially designed for the security industry. Use “Security Business” as coupon code to receive a lifetime 10% discount on To request more information about the company, visit

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