“My mom is watching over us”: RUMC nurse and grandmother are both vaccinated against COVID-19


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Silver Lake resident Christina Caprino, RN, is part of the Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) team and has tirelessly administered the COVID-19 vaccine to the residents of Staten Island. Knowing the importance of vaccination in fighting the pandemic that has crippled the world, she was elated when she and her grandmother, Victoria Goldfarb, were vaccinated at RUMC.

“My grandmother is very grateful that she was able to receive her COVID-19 vaccine with me,” said Caprino. “I am his only granddaughter and we are very close. She has not been out of her home since March 2020. “

Sadly, on March 2, 2020, Caprino lost his beloved mother, Nancy Puca, a retired police officer who succumbed to September 11-related cancer; However, Caprino sensed his mother’s presence when given a date for their second dose – March 2, 2021, the first anniversary of his mother’s death.

“When they gave me the CDC card to roll back that date, I knew my mother, my guardian angel, was watching over us,” Caprino said. “My grandmother, my mom and I were best friends. Even though she’s gone, my mom is waving me like this to let me know she’s still with me.

Like countless Staten Islanders and around the world, the pandemic has affected the Caprino family due to quarantine guidelines and social distancing regulations. “We couldn’t all be together as much as we wanted,” added Caprino. “My grandmother says she doesn’t want to be afraid to leave her house anymore.”

What about side effects after the first dose? Goldfarb had no side effects. “She felt perfect after her shot and handled it better than I did,” said Caprino. “I guess she’s in better shape than me because I couldn’t move my arm for 24 hours and felt tired afterwards.

“I tested positive for COVID in October 2020.“ I was one of the last nurses on my unit to receive the vaccine. I didn’t know what to expect, so having my grandma with me took some of my anxiety away.

RUMC nurse Christina Caprino, RN center, and her grandmother, Victoria Goldfarb, left, and her late mother, Nancy Puca. (Family photo)

Dr Gracelyn Santos / Staten Island Advance

RUMC nurse Christina Caprino, RN center, and her grandmother, Victoria Goldfarb, right, and her late mother, Nancy Puca. (Family photo)

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