Need extra cash? How To Make Money Selling Photos

You might know that Dreamstime is the largest archival photography community in the world, and your first thought might be that selling stock footage is the only way to make money with us.

This is not true.

Making money with Dreamstime isn’t just about taking photos to add to our library. Here are some methods to try if you want to work with us.

1. Submit editorial photos of interest

You might not know it, but sending us some newsworthy editorial images could earn you a nice download bonus of $ 5 per image.

Your photos should be very recent, preferably taken the same day, but in some cases events from yesterday may be accepted. They must have a good technical quality and must illustrate an event of international importance.

When selecting and uploading potentially newsworthy images, our editorial guidelines are in mind:

  • Photos must be authentic. Don’t manipulate the truth by using editing software.
  • Descriptions should answer the 5 questions: who, what, why, when and where.

To submit quickly, consider uploading photos from the mobile app while you are still attending the event. If your camera has a good Wi-Fi connection, send them immediately from your phone.

If your camera doesn’t have a good Wi-Fi connection, or you don’t have a camera with you, consider using your smartphone. Its camera is very capable of taking great photos which you can take and download anytime.

2. Sell photos

Selling stock photos is the easiest and most well-known way to make money on Dreamstime. From the moment you become a contributor, you can start uploading your images. All you need is an email address to sign up and you are good to go.

Every photo upload by buyers earns you royalties. The amount you receive depends on factors such as the type of license purchased, the popularity of your image, your exclusive status, and more.

For more information, see our list of possible winnings.

All photos must be of high quality with a minimum resolution of 3 megapixels. Download the jpg file and the RAW. RAWs sell for more than jpg files, so if someone buys them you get paid more than if they just upload your image.

3. Sell vector illustrations

If you want to sell vector artwork as cartoons, vectors, clipart, or other formats, follow the same process as for commercial or editorial photos.

The only difference between vectors and editorial or stock images is that you can download the vector format as an additional file, instead of a RAW.

4. Sell your videos

No matter how you produce videos, they can be uploaded and sold on Dreamstime. This means that you can use expensive equipment or the smartphone that is in your pocket.

All stock video download requirements can be found here. If the information seems too complicated, try using the old trial and error approach. Just upload your video files and see if they get processed.

5. Sell audio files

Do you like to create music, sound effects or loops? Sell ​​the files on Dreamstime for extra money. It is even better if you are recording nature sounds, since all audio files must be copyright free.

Download audio files the same way you download videos and photos.

6. Refer contributors

Referring contributors to Dreamstime is an easy way to make money. Dreamstime prides itself on having one of the best SEO systems among all photo websites.

Head over to our referral program to see all of the options available, including shareable links, banners, badges, and even a custom Dreamstime search. You earn 10% of all sales generated by your referrals for a period of 3 years after registration.

7. Refer buyers

Referring buyers to Dreamstime works the same as referring contributors. Use the same links, banners or badges. When you refer buyers, you earn 10% of all plans purchased by the creators you referred for 3 years after they sign up.

If you have an active blog, follow a lot of social media, or do well with forums, referring users to Dreamstime could net you quite a bit of money.

8. Configure an API on your website

When you set up a fully customizable Dreamstime search engine on your website, you become a Dreamstime affiliate. This means that you remain in control of your website while enjoying the full support of Dreamstime.

When people visit your site and use the Dreamstime search engine, you receive a commission of up to 10%. This program is very useful for those who have a lot of visitors to their websites.

9. Win prizes in our monthly photo contest

Whether you are a photographer, illustrator or graphic designer, you can submit your best works to our monthly missions for a chance to win one of three cash prizes: $ 300 for first place, $ 200 for second and $ 100 for the third.

The themes change every month, and once the submission period ends, users vote for their favorite works. Good luck with all of your submissions, we can’t wait to see them!

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