New advisor sets the agenda after winning by one vote

NEW Bere Ferrers Borough Councilor Angela Blackman has pledged to work tirelessly to support her community after securing a by-election victory with just one vote.

Ms Blackman, representing the Tories, was elected as Bere Ferrers’ new advisor in the hotly contested November 18 ballot.

She obtained 362 votes, winning 32.47% of the vote. She finished with one vote ahead of Labor Party candidate Isabel Saxby, who obtained 361 votes. The election was called following the retirement of Robin Musgrave, who represented the Liberal Democrats and held the post since 2007.

The poll results were: Angela Blackman, Conservative Party, 362; Isabel Saxby, Labor Party, 361; Graham Reed, Liberal Democrats, 216; Judy Maciejowska, The Green Party, 176. The turnout was 37.5%.

Ms Blackman joins 15 other conservatives on WDBC, giving the party overall control of the board. The Bere Ferrers district has another councilor, the curator Cllr Peter Crozier.

Ms Blackman has lived about a mile from Bere Alston for the past ten years with her husband Dave and their now 15-year-old son who grew up in the village and attended a local school.

Speaking to The Times this week, she said: “I want to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to vote last Thursday.

“I am your voice within WDBC and I intend to work tirelessly to support our parish in any way I can.

“I will be working with my fellow councilor, Cllr Peter Crozier to ensure that we can take advantage of our beautiful corner of the county by working with the local police to ensure our safety, promote and protect our local environment and support our already well-managed clubs and groups to make it the best it can be and that’s just the start.

“If you have any problems, I am here for all of you, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you.”

New Cllr Blackman says she has always had a strong work ethic, having started working at the age of 16 as a modern apprentice in building control at a local authority in North Wales.

She said: “I studied part time while working full time. I resumed my degree while working full time and graduated at 26, eight months pregnant. So when people ask me how I’m going to fit in, I’ve always had a busy but hard-working work ethic.

“I have been a claims investigator for a building inspection and warranty provider for many years dealing with dispute resolution with landlords and builders and have had numerous relationships with housing associations. in Devon and Cornwall.

“I now work in building inspection for a licensed private inspector. “

She said during the election call, speed and anti-social behavior were revealed as the top priorities for citizens requiring action in the Bere Ferrers Peninsula.

“I had already had a meeting a few weeks ago with Alison Hernandez, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, and asked her how I could establish a good relationship with our local police.

“She has put in place a legal counsel program that I fully intend to be a part of so that I can build a relationship with the police so that we can ensure that our department receives the best possible service and is up to date. ‘forefront of issues whenever they arise, she said.

“I want to help our local businesses and stores wherever I can. I will look to engage with them as soon as I am ready to see any issues they may need my help with.

“The neighborhood has a number of teams and clubs that Cllr Peter Crozier is involved with and I want to add all the value I can to help help these teams and clubs grow.

“I love our natural environment and want to make sure that we keep it and leave it in the best possible condition for our children’s children. So I’ll find out how we can do it.

She said she was building on the solid foundation already laid by fellow city councilor Cllr Peter Crozier.

“We are a two councilor room, Cllr Peter Crozier has been my rock during the campaign and we will be an incredible team. We also have Cllr Debo Sellis and Cllr Philip Sanders as county councilors with whom we have already established a very positive relationship. So, together, we can make our place of life a safe, prosperous place and an environment in which we can be healthy.

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