New eBay feature allows sellers to sell live

eBay is launching a new feature that could help sellers better showcase their wares. The platform plans to do this by providing an interactive live shopping platform for its users to start selling live.

eBay will launch a live selling feature

eBay has officially released a announcement regarding the launch of eBay Live, which is expected to be a dedicated platform offering users a way to purchase products through a live setting. This means that sellers can present the products live, streamers can choose to buy them, and the seller can recognize the buyer live during the stream.

According to the announcement, the feature is still in beta mode this month, and the company’s “first live shopping event will feature a curated selection of rare trading cards from eBay seller Bleecker Trading.”

The new live-selling feature will have its first event on June 22

For those interested in seeing how the new eBay Live platform plays out, the first event is set to take place on June 22 at 3 p.m. ET. Shoppers will be able to view a number of different collectibles including a 1995 Topps Finest Michael Jordan M1 Red Bordered Refractor PSA 9 MINT as well as a 1998 Kobe Bryant Skybox That’s Jam PSA 10.

With high PSA ratings, the condition of trading cards should be in better condition. Buyers will need to watch the event live to find out what other collectible cards are on sale.

eBay aims to provide a better environment for live selling

According to eBay’s Vice President of Collectibles, Electronics and Home, Dawn Block, the platform has always been the go-to place, especially when it comes to trading cards and items. of collection. To add, Block noted that as the collecting community grows, they are offering a new live platform that includes a combination of an engaging environment that comes easily.

Due to its environment, they are able to bring their community together in order to share interests and goods. Although eBay Live is still in its beta phase, it is still expected to provide people with an easier, more entertaining and more sophisticated way to connect, buy and sell within the community. .

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Other companies and platforms planning to add live selling

According to the story of Technological crunch, eBay will be the last platform for its users to access the live shopping area. Other platforms that already support this type of selling style include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

Youtube announced plans in March to launch a live shopping experience for its users. They provided insight in a video detailing how shopping works on the platform.

Twitter also announced that it would do the same and provide its users with a platform to start live shopping as well.

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