NextSmartShip, a leader in e-commerce logistics and fulfillment, partners with B2B medical e-commerce giant LyncMed

NextSmartShip Solution for B2B eCommerce Platforms to Extend Global Reach

Shenzhen, China, January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NextSmartShip, a leading global provider of fulfillment services for global e-commerce sellers, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with LyncMed, a leading global B2B e-commerce platform for medical devices.

Through this partnership, NextSmartShip will enable LyncMed to expand its global reach through its industry-leading logistics and fulfillment expertise and proprietary next-generation SaaS platform – Fulfillship.

Global e-commerce has seen exceptional growth since the pandemic. New platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Walmart and even B2B platforms have been propelled into a faster growth phase, in which fulfillment companies have played a fundamental role.

becomes the choice for more B2B platforms thanks to its comprehensive and innovative capabilities and deep experience serving more than 1000 international DTC brands. With:

  • 97% global coverage with over 70 top international carrier partners;
  • Next-generation SaaS platform supporting route recommendation, fee estimation, intelligent inventory distribution, seamless tracking updates, and more.
  • Open API kits that allow easy integration into B2B platforms;
  • Dedicated servers that ensure fast, stable and secure data transmission;
  • High-end value-added services;
  • Unique experience: door-to-door pickup from your thousands of suppliers (within China) and deliver worldwide;
  • A seamless payment experience supporting flexible billing models;
  • Much appreciated customer service.

“LyncMed hopes to meet more global requirements with a stable, efficient, comprehensive and flexible logistics solution, which is exactly what it can deliver. It is more than exciting to work with LyncMed to accelerate industry transformation. medical devices.”

“We have been chosen as the fulfillment solution provider for about ten similar B2B e-commerce platforms around the world. This proves the scarcity of . We are very grateful to all partners for their trust and we hope to help more similar businesses to grow and evolve.”
Said William Yu, CEO and Founder of NextSmartShip.

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About NextSmartShip

NextSmartShip is a technology-centric GLOCAL logistics powerhouse that strives to help DTC brands of various sizes elevate their e-commerce business to the next big thing.

With a short history since 2019, the company has helped thousands of global DTC brands achieve outstanding growth through its professional, stable and affordable fulfillment services. It now delivers more than one million parcels a year to international destinations.

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